Selling the totalitarian mindset

Dr. Santy on the Totalitarian Mindset

If you can convince people that objective reality is an illusion; that A does not equal A; that black is white; and that good is bad; if you can make them accept that everything is subjective and relative; then you can breath new life into those tired totalitarian doctrines that by all objective measures and standards led only to a “utopia” of human suffering and death. Through the manipulation of language, everything can be distorted, without the messy need to resort to facts, logic, or reason.

From a discussion forum about Airstream brand RV’s moderator:

Incorrect ideas, false statements and wrong data are allowed based on my understanding of things. If one wants to say that A/S are made of wood, I may have an opinon of that statement, however the person making that statement has equal opportunity to make it.

All are entitled to oprinons that is what this forum is based on. Please dissagree with him. Just don’t get mean and attack the person.

What the forum moderator misses is that when facts get confused with opinions then there is no real way to determine what is mean and what is attacking the person. When the mission and purpose of the forum is subject to post modernist relativistic interpretation, all bets are off. The discussion degrades into dishonest diatribe – but that’s OK because whether or not an aluminum RV is made of wood or not is just a matter of opinion. Right?

The example is to illustrate that there is a spectrum of implication in this totalitarian mindset. The manipulation of language is not only used by national politicians but also in more local social groups. It is the frog boiling story where the heat was raised gradually until, when the frog finally noticed, it was too late. That is why integrity is important to each of us in all aspects of our dealings with others.

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