The cauldron is simmering

New York court breaks rules, refuses investigation into James Comey by Stephen Dinan – “and several other major figures involved in the Clinton email scandal, seemingly breaking their own rules in the process.”

“Ty Clevenger, a lawyer, had filed grievances against Mr. Comey and three others saying they violated fundamental rules of lawyers’ ethics by the way they handled the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The New York grievance commission, in a letter dated earlier this month, rejected all of the complaints without comment.

Under the commission’s own rules it is supposed to provide “a brief description of the basis for the determination,” so the move to dismiss the grievances without any reason was striking.

Supreme Court halts lower court order to redraw N.C. electoral map By Alex Swoyer – “The Supreme Court has suggested that there is a limit to how much partisanship can go into drawing legislative lines, but has never set that line.”

CFPB director a new hero on the right by Rick Moran – “The acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), former congressman Mick Mulvaney, has submitted a budget request that may be a first in the history of government. … shocked official Washington by making a budget request for zero dollars.”

“In essence, the agency “protects” consumers from their own stupidity and ignorance. The CFPB was born of a myth that the financial and housing crisis was caused by unscrupulous lenders who tricked consumers into getting bad loans. Surely there were a few of those. But most foreclosures were not caused by evil lenders but by people who either took on too much debt or didn’t understand the terms and conditions of the loan.

It raises an interesting question: Should the federal government protect us from ourselves? The Obama administration believed so, but Mulvaney and many conservatives are skeptical.

The Evidence Inside The “House Intel Committee Four Page FISA Memo” by sundance – “As the year-long story has unfolded, there are two central components at the heart of the political corruption and weaponization of the DOJ and FBI:” It’s the Big Ugly and a rundown on conspiracy for a palace coup.

Does the California Model Really Work? by Jonah Goldberg – “For many progressives, California’s metastasizing liberalism proves you can have Scandinavian-style social policies and tax rates and still have robust economic growth.”

“The point is that California attracts an enormous number of rich people who think it’s worth the high taxes, awful traffic, and even the threat of tectonic annihilation to live there — for reasons that literally have nothing to do with the state’s liberal policies. Indeed, most of the Californians I know live there despite those policies, not because of them.

there’s a new data point to inform the debate that hopefully will be more difficult to ignore: California is the poverty capital of America.

Which Is Worse: Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Awards, Or The Media’s Reaction To It? By John Merline – “reporters say the “fake news” label is unfair because these news outlets issued corrections and occasionally reprimanded reporters and editors involved. Or they say that it doesn’t matter because Trump lies all the time, thereby committing the logical fallacy of “tu quoque”.”

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