Recovered Memory Syndrome

Recovered Memory Syndrome is one of those labels that will certainly rank right up there with Bush Derangement Syndrom. Powerline in Memories of Vietnam uses the label with an example of the behavior it describes.

In a courtroom in Washington DC, where Scooter Libby’s trial is in progress, faulty memories are on display on a daily basis. That isn’t the only place in Washington, however, where recollections are untrustworthy.

It’s easy to imagine, of course, that Kennedy’s rewriting of history could be due to a guilty conscience. It’s harder to understand why John Warner would invent a guilty conscience over Vietnam, again in the context of urging withdrawal from Iraq. Bill Kristol makes the point in his Weekly Standard editorial, “A Terrible Ignominy,” which decries the drift of some Senate Republicans toward defeatism

To get a handle on how these syndromes can be understood, ShrinkWrapped and Dr. Sanity are good places to start.

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