Crazy? (again)


Is Trump Really Crazy? by Victor Davis Hanson – “no sane president should ever have let a writer with Wolff’s dubious and often discredited background into the White House.”

“Wolff’s disclosures, if a few are even marginally true, are messy and the stuff of caricature—but not as funny and depressing as the fact that someone of Trump’s background and temperament saw more clearly than his supposed betters where the country should be headed and who might lead it in such a direction.

If that be chaos, then Trump made the most of it—and at least for now the result is preferable to the mannered mediocrity of the past. Such an admission says lots more about those who think they should be in power than it does those who voted for their antitheses.

Who’s Crazy? Trump Or The Anti-Trump Shrinks? By Daniel Greenfield – “Lefty shrinks and Hawaiian gods are angry at Trump.”

“If only the organizers had put a fraction of their obsessive delusions into actually trying to justify the claim on their shiny blue banner that, “Trump is psychologically unfit to lead this country.”

Everyone in the book agrees that Trump is bad. They just can’t agree on a diagnosis.

Michael Tansey claims it’s a delusional disorder. Laurence Dodes blames sociopathy. Craig Malkin argues it’s narcissism. David Reiss pushes for dementia and cognitive impartment. Steve Wruble claims he has daddy issues. That is, he claims that both he and Trump have daddy issues.

Thomas Singer believes Trump mirrors “our collective attention deficit disorder, our sociopathy” and we must “recognize our own pathology.” Not only is Trump crazy, but we’re crazy for electing him.

It’s not medical science, but leftist politics, that’s calling the shots here.

Many of the essays don’t even attempt to diagnose Trump. Instead they self-diagnose the political trauma that Trump inflicted on them.

Trump isn’t crazy. But his accusers often don’t seem too sane.

The crazy left think Trump is mentally unbalanced by Karen Townsend – “It may feel like a new line of attack on Trump but this question began mere days after the inauguration.”

“It appears this action was the result of Trump’s travel ban. Liberal psychologists and others in the mental health service industry decided Trump is mentally unbalanced because he was attempting to fulfill a campaign promise and constitutional requirement to do everything in his power to keep Americans safe at home. Fortunately, not all in the field are so crippled by partisan ideology and a divide was forming in the community.

What about the Goldwater Rule? Hold on, the Trump haters have an answer for that, too.

It is common for Democrats and the media to claim Republicans are crazy. Remember, for example, the treatment Ronald Reagan received from them? There is an argument to be made that Trump is not a typical president. There has been nothing to prove he is a clear and present danger to America unless the goal of bringing Trump down has taken over your own brain.

Liberals Have Become Tragically Addicted To “Impeachment Porn” DC Whispers – “The New York Post noted today how so much of the Trump Impeachment Porn is based upon wild conjecture and/or outright lies and in the end, exploits those obsessing over it as much as regular porn would do.”

“Nothing Donald Trump has done comes close to qualifying for impeachment – that is unless helping to create millions of jobs, (including record low unemployment for minorities) lowering taxes, destroying ISIS, signing off on multi-billion dollar America-First trade deals, etc., are impeachable offenses. They aren’t of course. Not to any sane mind.

And yet, here is the globalist establishment pushing the impeachment fantasy over and over again, determined to turn fantasy into reality.

Resistance Madness by Tom Maguire – “The editors of the flailing NY Times have lost the plot and lost their minds.” … “ OK, they hate Trump but really – what has happened to decades of progressive orthodoxy regarding “tax the rich”? weird.”

If President Trump Is Mentally Unstable, Let’s Hope It’s Contagious by Jeff Dunetz – “if having a screw loose makes people as successful as Donald Trump was during the past eleven and a half months, we should pray it’s contagious and that everyone in Congress and the federal bureaucracy catches it (and me also).”

“none of the people questioning the president’s capacity address the most important point. Are president Trump’s incredible set of accomplishments during his first year in the White House a result of his supposed madness? Or do the accomplishments prove the armchair psychiatrists and shrinks who never examined the POTUS are the ones who are a bit “fruit loops?”

Cosa Sinistra: The Left as Crime Family by David Prentice – “Let’s face it: Republicans have their share of corruption, but what the left has become is not tinged with the normal shortcomings of humanity. It’s become criminal.”

“We don’t know a lot of the details, but the greatest political sting in history is ongoing. It’s been dripping out for over a month and will continue to do so. It’s going to be epic. And it will devastate the Democratic Party and its base.

But America will rejoice. Criminals are going to be brought to their knees.

Jeff Sessions’s Reefer Madness by Brian C. Joondeph – “The AG this past week announced very simply that federal law regarding marijuana will be enforced. The left is apoplectic,”

“the Obama Administration chose to ignore federal law, giving the marijuana industry a pass. Reefer madness and no surprise. Much of Obamacare was dictated via executive order rather than following statutory law passed by Congress.

Despite the outrage from states with legal weed, now including California, AG Sessions’ action is anything but outrageous. Since when can states decide which federal laws they want to ignore?

Madness comes in many forms.

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