Who you calling a stupid idiot moron?

Trump has put Schumer in a no-win situation on DACA by Thomas Lifson – “How do Democrats explain to themselves the way they keep getting outsmarted by a man they claim is a moron

“The Senate Democrats have been able to enforce a remarkable degree of party solidarity, far more discipline than the GOP. That is a huge bargaining asset for Schumer, already empowered by his party’s pickup in Alabama. But DACA looks like it could be a wedge issue destroying that disciplinary power.

This is a no-win situation. Harvard graduate Schumer should be asking himself how he got himself into this situation. But of course, he won’t. Either he alienates his base, or he risks adding to the GOP Senate majority by shutting down the government and having Trump fighting back in ways yhat never would have occurred to Presidents Bush or any establishment Republicans.

The liberal media have all the facts! Except when they don’t. by Jack Hellner –

“The article said 2017 was the warmest year on record except for El Niño years, which means that it was not the warmest on record. The article could have been in The Onion for how worthless it was. The intent was to make people believe that 2017 was the warmest on record.

The article should say that El Niño, La Niña, the Jet Stream, polar vortices, solar activity, and other natural phenomena control the weather and climate. Meanwhile, a significant number of us repeat over and over again that the climate is cyclical and natural, as it always has been, and we are called stupid.

Search for illegal, “loophole” online gun sales fails spectacularly by Jazz Shaw – “Following a seemingly endless series of claims made by Michael Bloomberg and other Second Amendment opponents, three Democrats from the House and Senate pushed the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to commission a report on internet gun sales.” Combine a fishing expedition with a witch hunt all based on bad faith efforts and what do you get?

“So undercover agents went fishing for online advertisers offering to sell firearms and attempted to get them to complete the transaction even after suggesting that they lived in a different state, couldn’t provide ID or wouldn’t be able to pass a background check. This happened 72 times over a period of more than two years. And in all 72 instances they failed to get anyone to sell them a weapon. Is this the plague of “loophole” gun sales that we keep hearing about?

The same thing happened when officials looked into the so-called “gun show loophole.” It’s a myth. But it makes for great campaign ads for Democratic candidates, so why let a little thing like reality rain on your parade? The sad part of all this is that there really is a problem with illegal gun sales in this country and the federal government (in league with state and municipal authorities) could definitely be doing more about it. One study after another by law enforcement officials has revealed that at least 40% of criminals convicted of gun crimes got their weapons on the black market, purchasing unregistered guns from other criminals. The same linked study found that another 37% had gotten their guns on the so-called “gray market” using straw purchasers who are, themselves, also criminals by definition.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t do any good for liberals in the government who want to pass new laws making it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms legally. It would mean getting their hands dirty and going after the actual criminals. And nobody wants to waste any time with that, right?

For Liberals, Every Damn Thing In the World Is About Trump by John Hinderaker – Another indicator of an unhealthy obsession.

“Liberals have been seized by a sort of dementia in which their obsessive hatred for President Trump blinds them to reality and causes them to say things, every day, that are inexplicably stupid. The Associated Press, unfortunately, has succumbed to that dementia.

Have Trump’s critics lost their sense of humor? by neo-neocon – “all Frum and so many others see in Trump is a serious, deluded, angry, dangerous, dunce—and not an amiable one, at that.”

“I am puzzled as to why anyone would see these tweets as a temper tantrum from an unstable guy. Can’t they see the sarcasm? Can’t they understand the deftness of the historical reference to Reagan? These tweets are crafted, and if Trump doesn’t exactly wield a stiletto, it’s still a pretty effective knife that usually finds its mark.

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