The radicals become fanatics

The Torment of Ajit Pai by Noah Rothman – “The radicals become fanatics.” Sad to say, even the web hosting service used for this website, Dreamhost, has joined in on the personal attacks and irrationality – from their recent newsletter: “it now seems clear that brain parasites have taken our beloved FCC chairman away from us.”

“At some point predating Donald Trump’s ascension to the presidency, political activism evolved from a civic exercise into a lifestyle. For the initiated, traditional forms of political organizing are too passive. In the activists’ minds, the objects of their fixations represent an existential threat, and there aren’t many behaviors that are proscribed in a fight for survival. For the fanatical opposition to Donald Trump, in particular, even the most mundane aspects of governance are inflated into a struggle for our very way of life. This is how opposition to an arcane, bureaucratic decision by the Federal Communications Commission transformed from a liberal cause into an obsession. This is also how the FCC’s chairman, Ajit Pai, became the subject of almost daily persecution.

The so-called “Resistance” latched onto the net-neutrality issue early in the Trump presidency and went about expressing their opposition to the repeal of this regulation in the most contemptible fashion imaginable.

Pai’s treatment is an outrage and a disgrace. It would be a national scandal in the press but for the fact that so many of the country’s opinion-makers and media professionals agree with the activists’ cause, if not their methods.

For all his autonomy, Pai and his family have nevertheless endured a campaign of stalking and intimidation for merely serving the country in his capacity as FCC chairman. This sorry display is unbecoming of a mature republic. The activist left is incubating the kind of potentially violent radicalism that they cannot control. If Democrats truly fret for the norms of civil conduct that are supposedly being lost in the Trump era, they might devote some attention to their own supporters.

Also see Ace, Judge Denies Fusion GPS’ Motion to Block Congress From Seeing Its Financial Records; Fusion GPS Files Emergency Motion to Appeals Court, Hoping for Reversal – “Boy, the Democrats’ favorite smear-shop really doesn’t want Congress to know who’s paying it or who they’re paying.

Mark Levin rips AP on Trump story: ‘You persist in your false reporting’ by Douglas Ernst – ‘This is why your profession has already been severely damaged.

Usurping the president’s constitutional authority by James A. Lyons – “It needs to be understood that judges do not have the constitutional authority to make policy for the military, nor to countermand the president’s constitutional authority. Failing to protect the president’s constitutional authority could very likely have more serious consequences in the future with issues involving our national security.”

Why hasn’t Michael Wolff’s dementia-Trump ever been seen in public? by Eddie Scarry – “President Trump is on TV and in newspapers more than any human on earth, and yet Michael Wolff, based on his time gossiping, has convinced the national media that grandpa got away and is now drooling in the Oval Office.”

“Citing an impossible-to-understand mix of conversations, Wolff otherwise says Trump is mentally diminished. And reporters believe it, despite what we’ve all seen with our own eyes over the course of two years.

But they don’t believe it because they know it’s true. They believe it because they want it to be.

Oh, and don’t forget the gorilla channel episode. Ace wonders Guy Prints Up Hilarious Parody “Quote” From Michael Wolff Book; A Blue Checkmarker Falls For It.

His Job is Done – Admiral Mike Rogers Announces His Retirement by sundance – “Reuters is reporting that NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers has announced to his staff he is resigning, and that a nominee will be announced to replace him shortly.” Do read the ‘defeat the corruption’ link where sundance refers to Operation Condor for an outline of the “story of how the FBI Counterintelligence Division and DOJ National Security Division were weaponized.” Also note the Trump handling of this breaking scandal as another example of what Eddie Scarry was talking about.

“In hindsight it appears that President Trump was fully aware when the tide would change. The moment when an empowered group of congressional people would develop the coordinated plan to defeat the corruption amid a corrupt intelligence apparatus Admiral Rogers had been holding back for the past several years.

This is scary stuff about trying to straighten out governance gone awry.

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