Revealing character

Note to NeverTrumps: Trump’s Character Is Admirable By Karin McQuillan – “Trump voters often preface their satisfaction with Trump’s actions by criticizing his tweets or his personality.” It’s the ‘yeah, but’ phenomena that is being inspected by McQuillan.

“Here’s an alternate take on things: Trump’s character is responsible for his outstanding performance in his first year as president. If you want to know who someone is, you look at what he does. What we have: a booming economy, growing jobs, more lawful governance, fewer regulations, more global security. What character traits this took: hard work, focus, commitment, courage, honesty, independence, incorruptibility, self-confidence, love of excellence. The list of Trump’s positive character traits goes on and on. You don’t get achievements independent of character.

Trump’s integrity in office is outstanding – the first politician in my memory who is sticking to his promises to voters. We are hugely benefiting from his promise-keeping.

The importance of character to effectiveness cannot be overstated. Trump has other character traits of achievers. He is not discouraged by failures and mistakes; he learns from them. He doesn’t just set goals; he follows up on results. He faces reality.

In the midst of the hysterical name-calling, Stephens doesn’t point to a single bigoted word or action by Trump. He can’t. There is none. The accusations are partisan nonsense. In Stephens’s alternate universe, Trump’s evident competence, his love, respect, and commitment to help his fellow Americans, goes invisible, and we are left with a racist, fascist caricature born of leftist agitprop.

It is a sorry reflection on our polite society that they are having conniption fits over Trump’s character.

Trump’s Unnoticed Great First-Year Accomplishment by Lloyd Marcus – “Trump repeatedly spoke the truth about issues when fake news media demanded that we either embrace their lies or stay silent. Singlehandedly, Trump has opened the door for Americans to freely speak truth again.”

Scorning the Left by Dawn Merrill – “Have you ever been laughed at publicly? Mocked? Ridiculed? Shown scorn in a social or professional setting? … In today’s culture, these weapons have become something gleefully utilized by the left. It is standard practice.” Ever wonder why Rush Limbaugh does so well with his talk show?

“Ridicule has immense power. Saul Alinsky knew it and codified it in his Rules for Radicals. President Trump clearly knows it and utilizes ridicule often, with great efficacy. We on the right need to relearn this fine art. If we used this weapon as effectively as the left does, we could pull this country back onto the right track far faster than President Trump can do it on his own.

Laugh, mock, ridicule, and shower scorn upon these insane lefties. We know that reason won’t work. We know that results won’t work. … We have not fought back with the same weapon. We have been content to “bring a knife to a gunfight.”

Until President Trump. Whether you know it or not, his controversial tweets are really a license – a license to do to them exactly what they’ve done to us.

Scorn, after all, should be a two-way street. The left richly deserves, and regularly invites, mockery. Let’s oblige. Ridicule is so easy under the circumstances as to be…well, laughable. Let the laughter begin!

Walls Close In Around DOJ and FBI “Small Group” Participants by sundance – “Several stories broke yesterday …

“It is easy to get stuck in the weeds on any individual storyline within the larger network of ongoing investigations. However, the bigger picture is found in the commonality all of these investigations hold.

The single thread that binds all of these stories together is the political use of the FBI and DOJ by former and current officials within each department….

On January 1st I expressed optimism because I can see how this methodical investigative approach makes the most sense. There is a clear plan, a coordinated plan, visible within the sequencing. The current headlines solidify that perspective.

Ace on Charles Grassley: The Memos James Comey Illegally Leaked to His Buddy (To Leak to the NYT) Are So Sensitive That I Could Only View Them in a SCIF – “Grassley has written a letter to conspirator Rod Rosenstein, demanding answers to questions about Comey’s lawbreaking, but of course Rosenstein will ignore these questions, as he ignores all questions about the DOJ’s and FBI’s behavior in this matter.” Maybe not. The pressure is on. We can hope.

Democrats’ dishonest scramble to disown the Trump ‘dossier’ by Paul Sperry – “Democrats have been quoting from the infamous anti-Trump “Steele dossier” as if it were gospel.”

“but now that Hillary Clinton has been revealed as its paymaster and a Hillary-friendly FBI is under investigation for possibly launching the Trump-Russia “collusion” probe under its false pretenses, they are suddenly in full retreat from it.

Their credibility is in tatters along with the discredited document.

Democrats’ new mission is to bury the dossier, and the media are providing them the shovel.

shameless Democratic promoters got everyone lathered up over a false conspiracy theory, and now they’re realizing they overreached and are running for the exits, revising history, recasting narratives, covering their keisters.

They led the nation on a wild goose chase, and now they fear the reckoning.

It is a tangled web some weave (re Walter Scott) and the unraveling is continuing apace. 

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