Denial and other psychological defenses

Note that the Washington Times website has turned into nagware with all the honor of a blackmailer – pay them once and the demands still don’t quit.

Liberal leaders back away from anti-Trump dossier by Rowan Scarborough – “A new liberal narrative has arisen since Rep. Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, launched a probe to find out who funded the salacious, unverified dossier and how the FBI used it against Trump people.” The sordid saga provides an example of how the Left plays scandals. When one narrative fails due to falsehoods and lack of evidence, create another and then repeat as necessary until the victim gets tired and gives up. Bald faced lies and complete turnarounds are peddled with aplomb. Rationalizations are offered and supported as if no skepticism can exist. Scarborough describes the antics in the latest scandal.

Fusion GPS’ ‘Fake Investigation’ — And Hillary Clinton’s Real Russian Collusion, an IBD editorial – “Someone forgot to tell the investigative duo: Intelligence without proof is merely gossip. And that’s exactly what they’ve sold.”

“In a New York Times op-ed on Wednesday titled “The Republicans’ Fake Investigations,” the two founders of Fusion GPS desperately try to clear their names, restore their business’ tarnished reputation and revive their sordid Russia collusion tale about Trump to “correct the record.” They fail on all counts.

Maybe proof isn’t the idea at all. Rather it’s about finding a way to hobble a highly effective conservative president who seems dead set on changing Washington for good and for the better. Talk about a real threat to the progressive Democrats and their allies in the Deep State.

Trump pushes need for voter ID laws after dissolving commission on voter integrity by Sally Persons – “President Trump pushed the need for voter ID on Thursday after dissolving his commission on voter integrity due to legal challenges.” Another case illustrating tactics involving state supported civil disorder, this time with counter-tactics.

“The president decided the commission was a waste of money and time, and he reallocated its work to the Department of Homeland Security. The purpose of the commission was to investigate voter fraud claims in the 2016 election and review voter-roll data. Several states refused to hand over the data and filed lawsuits to prevent the committee from achieving its goal.

But Mr. Trump said that voter fraud, and namely voter ID, will still be a priority.

Uncovering vote fraud: Plan B begins by Thomas Lifson – “Before progressives start celebrating the dissolution of the Election Integrity Commission, they had better figure out what lies ahead.”

“If the left thinks it’s home free, and that this announcement is a victory, it had better remember whom it is dealing with: a man who is accustomed to encountering obstacles and overcoming them

I think the left has outsmarted itself by making alleged “Russian hacking” of the election a national security issue. This opens the door for DHS – armed with far more investigatory power than any commission might exercise – to go full bore at election fraud. President Trump tried it the nice way, only to encounter obstruction. Now it is time for Plan B, and I am pretty sure that Democrats will not like it at all.

Those running the progressive left understand the stakes in vote fraud: their power. That is why this move toward energetic investigation under the mantle of national security may be far more fateful than it appears on the surface.

Now We Know: FBI Ignored Lawbreaking To Exonerate Hillary Clinton, IBD editorial – “Each new revelation about how the FBI handled — or, more appropriately, mishandled — the Clinton email scandal makes it that much clearer that politics trumped law enforcement, even when it involved matters of national security.”

“Democrats dismiss these new revelations as nothing more than “Republicans’ outsized obsession with Hillary Clinton’s emails two years after the fact,” as Rep. Jerrold Nadler put it.

This is standard operating procedure for Democrats. Deny any wrongdoing. Stonewall investigators. Count on mainstream reporters not to lift a finger to do any investigative reporting on their own. Then claim it’s all old news.

But in this case, there is more at stake than the question of whether Clinton broke the law many years ago — even though it seems pretty obvious that she did. The real question that must be answered is whether and how the FBI let politics drive its investigation and its decision-making.

When law enforcement becomes an arm of a political party, it’s called a police state. Democrats should be just as eager as Republicans to make sure the FBI comes clean about any political corruption, and that it cleans house.

Democrats, treason, projection by L. Todd Wood – “Liberals project their sins on Republicans.”

“So in the spirit of the new year, why don’t we all just be honest for a day? The Democrats, and I’m referring to the Obama administration and all its minions, including the Hillary organization, are guilty of treason and subversion against the United States. They are also guilty of a huge cover up of said actions. They are also guilty of using the agencies of the federal government against their political opposition. This abuse of power frighteningly included the intelligence services of the United States, which have been hopelessly politicized.

The list of their crimes is long. Colluding with Iran to give the Islamic theocracy nuclear weapons, colluding with Russia to go after Donald Trump, using the IRS against the Tea party, selling our uranium to Russia for a large sum of money, are just a few of the more horrific examples of their dirty deeds. The list is long and sordid.

The Democrats and the Left are horrified that all of this will be brought out into the open.

Trump scares the crap out of them.

Sen. Grassley’s spokesman to Fusion GPS: If you wanted transparency, why did you plead the Fifth? By John Sexton – “Fusion GPS is attacking the Senate investigation in ways that are indistinguishable from the demands being made by Democrats on the House Intel committee this week.”

“Earlier today I wrote about the NY Times op-ed by Fusion GPS’ Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch in which they attacked Republicans and demanded the transcript of their closed-door testimony be released. That op-ed has resulted in a response from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley who points out that Simpson requested the closed-door session and that during the session a lawyer for Fusion GPS explicitly asked that the transcript not be released by the committee.

Disinformation, Fusion GPS style by Scott Johnson – “McCarthy demonstrates that Simpson and Fritsch are on a mission akin to that of their man Christopher Steele with his dossier. That is, they are peddling disinformation.”

Desperate Comey Sees Scheme Unraveling – And Chuck Grassley Enters Righteous Foray by sundance – “The most dangerous time for a rescue swimmer is the moment he reaches a desperate drowning man

“Former FBI Director James Comey is sending out signals for anyone to back him up. He’s desperate.

The mindset here is the same he carried while in office. That mindset claims the FBI is above scrutiny, a system of law unto itself, and we must blindly owe it respect. THAT is exactly the view that fertilizes the seeds of politicization of offices. His arrogant and condescending viewpoint is exactly what allowed FBI gross misconduct to happen.

Contrast that perspective with Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, one of the two representative committees that hold oversight over the FBI and DOJ.

Chairman Nunes Confirms Agreement – DOJ Will Provide “All Requested Information” by sundance – “Nunes will get all the requested documents and be given a schedule for the interviews with FBI Agent Peter Strzok, FBI Attorney Lisa Page and DOJ Deputy Attorney Bruce Ohr. Whoot. Giddy up.”

“Your Honor, the President Is Acting Like He’s in Charge and We Want It Stopped” by Joe Bob Briggs – “Small children on the playground know that if you can’t win an argument any other way, you always play the faulty-research card.”

“Every time the president signs an executive order, somebody files a suit against him, claiming the right to investigate why he’s doing what he’s doing and whether he’s doing it for the right reasons or because he has sinister intentions caused by demonic fake-news sources.

You might disagree with what Trump is doing, but the way to change what he’s doing would be to change the law. That’s not how he’s being challenged. There were five—count ’em, five—major lawsuits filed against the president for changing this purely administrative policy.

All five of the requests for information are asking the childish question, “Where did you get your information?”

It doesn’t matter where he got his information.

These lawsuits—and I’m only dealing with one batch of them—are the very definition of bad faith. They challenge the right of the president to be president. They are attempts to use the courts to shape executive decisions. Do we really intend to do this for the rest of recorded history? Are we going to look at the emails and tweets and backroom conversations of every future president before we “allow” him to make a decision?

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