Evidence? We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence!

‘Junk science’? Studies behind Obama regulations under fire by Fred Lucas – “Scientific studies used by the Obama administration to help justify tough environmental regulations are coming under intensifying scrutiny, with critics questioning their merit.” Climate Catastrophe isn’t the only subject showing these behaviors that are worthy of skepticism.

In October, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt issued a directive to ensure that individuals serving on EPA advisory committees don’t get EPA grants and are free from potential conflicts of interest.

“Whatever science comes out of EPA, shouldn’t be political science,” Pruitt said in a statement. “From this day forward, EPA advisory committee members will be financially independent from the agency.”

Environmental groups blasted the decision.

Pruitt has become one of the most controversial members of the Trump administration in its first year, cast by his detractors as battling the kinds of regulations his agency is supposed to be upholding. But his office suggests many of those rules were flawed from the start.

Here’s a look at some of the most controversial studies behind those regulations: …

Democrats’ case for Trump-Russia grand conspiracy crumbles with lack of evidence by Rowan Scarborough – “Mr. Schiff’s acknowledgment that collusion “still remains to be seen” shows that nearly a year after the House intelligence panel began its investigation, Democrats are left with a relatively small list of Trump campaign-Russia contacts on which to base a grand conspiracy.”

“The roster of contacts, some of them apparently innocuous, is a far cry from charges in the infamous Russia-Trump dossier. Paid with funds from the Democratic Party, writer Christopher Steele, a former British spy, told of a supposed “extensive conspiracy between Trump’s campaign team and the Kremlin.”

Mr. Schiff eagerly read Mr. Steele’s felony accusations into the record. Those charges remain unproven, the FBI has told congressional investigators, 17 months after it opened a counterintelligence probe that relied on the dossier. Republicans in Congress also say the dossier’s core collusion charges remain unproven.

For example, there has been no public evidence, as claimed by Mr. Steele, that Trump associates and Russian intelligence worked together to hack the Democrats and spread stolen emails.

Donald Trump is not attacking the FBI, even as he attacks the FBI by James A. Gagliano – “There is something purposely inaccurate about how some in certain media circles are attempting to frame the “battle royale” ongoing between the president of the United States and the world’s premier law enforcement agency — the FBI.” Gagliano demonstrates the phenomena himself in his post by the manner in which he describes and judges the president: “considerable ego is at war” – “impulsively” – “infuriated” – “loathsome” – these tell you very clearly that Gagliano is “no fan of Trump” and is in dire need of checking his perceptions and getting in touch with his inner self. The post does have a good rundown that clarifies that the media headlines are incorrect and that the issue is with selected leadership in the FBI for good reason and not with the organization itself.

“In the immortal words of Arsenio Hall, these are things that can fairly make a reasonable person go “Hmmm…”

Stage four of Trump Derangement Syndrome: Identifying the progress of a disease by Thomas Lifson – “Like AIDS three decades ago, Trump Derangement Syndrome is a new ailment, whose full course of development is as yet unknown.”

“Progressives love to adopt what they call a “public health perspective” on things they oppose, such as possession of a firearm. This results in pediatricians asking parents if they have a gun in their house, among other oddities. Two can play that game. It is time to face the mass psychosis that has swept the at-risk population of the nation since the election of Donald Trump as president.

It is pretty clear that the first stages of TDS include: … Denial … Anger … Shunning … Conversion …

Is there any recovery possible when TDS reaches this late stage? Does it permanently disable perception and logic?

The Mueller Test And The Paper Civil War On Trump by Daniel Greenfield – “A last ditch effort by the establishment to wrest control from the president.”

“New York and California’s #resistance apparatchiks aren’t rejecting the authority of Federal judges. They’re turning to them and relying on them. Instead they’re rejecting the authority of elected Federal officials. Their secession isn’t Federal, it’s democratic. They want a strong central government. They just aren’t willing to allow the American people to decide who gets to run it.

That’s what the civil war is about.

Will the American people govern themselves? Or will Mueller, Schneiderman, Watson, Yates and ten thousand other elites with law degrees be allowed to turn elections into a meaningless farce?

Government by litigation and investigation shifts power away from voters to lawyers. What was meant to be a last resort for redressing serious violations instead becomes the primary test for holding political office. When investigation and litigation become more powerful tools than en election, then a politician must court the political legal class ahead of the country’s voters and put his obligations to them first.

That intended outcome is also the cause of the conflict.

There is a big problem when a major part of the country’s citizenship does not even honor adherence to established law or the reality of evidence and puts political preference above any other consideration.

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