Washington Times speaks to a puzzle

Editorial Tehran’s useful idiots

Prominent Democrats are increasingly behaving as if their primary mission is not to defeat Islamists determined to destroy Western civilization, but to do everything they can to ensure that they can turn Mr. Bush into a lame duck for the next two years regardless of the consequences for our national security.

This irresponsible behavior manifests itself on an almost daily basis as anti-war lawmakers are divided into two camps on Iraq: a small but increasingly vocal group that demands withdrawal whatever the consequences, and a larger, more intellectually dishonest group that is afraid to act on its convictions and cut off funds for operations in Iraq.

arguably no issue unites the president’s foes in Congress more than Iran — specifically the need to ensure this rogue regime that it has nothing to fear when it menaces its neighbors.

and in Webb of distortion

Both sides of this ferocious Iraq debate want to claim the support of the troops as they make their case for or against the war. The truth does not belong exclusively to either side — and it would be earth-moving, as surely Mr. Webb wants to suggest it is, if it were proven that a majority of troops now favor withdrawal. But this is an attempt to shoehorn the evidence into a soundbite. It does the debate over Iraq no justice. It is a sleight of hand and no more.

and then Suzanne Fields on Prophecies of doom

The president, like many of those who yearn to succeed him, is like Jeremiah, an unpopular prophet. But Jeremiah, as ancient Israel learned, knew what he was talking about. There’s a lesson here.

The puzzle? It is why the lesson of 9./11 is so limited. It is why that lesson has been minimized compared to the quest for political gain. It is why intellectual integrity has been minimized in the quest for other goals, goals that are not clear. The first editorial describes the puzzling behavior. The second an example of fabrication. The third is about the importance of the conflict. It is a puzzle that is becoming more evident about its cause and that may help lead to its resolution.

UPDATE: for more on Web’s SOU response, see From A Naval Academy Graduate To Senator Webb.

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