hobgoblin of little minds

The Stupid Party gets smart By Stephen Moore – “in recent weeks the GOP is finally showing some brains and some backbone

In a more rational world, tax reform could have been bipartisan. But once Democrats declared they would be unified obstructionists on tax reform, there was never reason to throw a bone to the “resistance movement.” Playing nice with Chuck Schumer won’t buy any votes, so why bother?

Instead, it’s hard not to be impressed with how Republicans have suddenly gotten very smart on the “pay fors” in their tax bill. Three of these revenue raisers are welcome policy changes, and they help defund the left.

Start with the elimination of the state and local tax deduction. … Next is the decision by Republicans to offset the cost of the tax cut by eliminating the individual mandate tax imposed mostly on moderate-income Americans. … Finally, an idea that hasn’t gotten much attention is the tax on college endowments.

The best indication that this is all working is the rise of what I call the “tax bill cry baby caucus.”

Not only are we getting pro-growth tax policy, President Trump and the GOP are finally draining the swamp. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Progressives Whine about Obamacare Premiums by David Catron – “It would be easier to feel sympathy for these people if they admitted they were wrong about the “Affordable Care Act.” But progressives don’t do that. Instead, they blame President Trump and the GOP.” This goes back to the WaPo story cited earlier about the thousands of Trump’s “lies” that seem to ignore the so many opportunities for ‘I told you so’ moments.

“It’s wrong, of course, to revel in the misfortune of others. I nonetheless laughed aloud when I read what the editors of the New York Times imagine is a heart-rending tale of several Obamacare supporters who, having ignored years of conservative warnings about the inevitability of premium increases under Obamacare, now lament the financial difficulties they face due to the high cost of health coverage.

Now it’s time to pay for their magical thinking. Yet they still don’t want to face this undeniable reality — they got punked. Obamacare is, and always was, a scam. It’s time to wake up and smell the fair trade coffee.

Socialism’s predictable outcomes By Robert Knight – “Despite several horrifying current examples of nations in the grip of socialism, many of America’s millennials are happily skipping down the socialist Yellow Brick Road toward an Oz that could never be.”

“Socialism’s greatest outcomes are very predictable — misery, murder and refugees.

Do the millennials who were polled know these historical facts? Probably not. But if they are curious enough to find out, would fewer profess a preference for socialism?

I’d like to think so. They are the future of this country.

FBI has not verified Trump dossier by Byron York – “FBI and Justice Department officials have told congressional investigators in recent days that they have not been able to verify or corroborate the substantive allegations of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign outlined in the Trump dossier.” … yet …

Democrats cling to dubious Russia dossier in scheme to bring Trump’s downfall By Rowan Scarborough – “hailed by liberals as evidence that the 35-page collection of memos is true. – A closer look shows the claims are debatable.”

“The dossier has become one of the most ballyhooed documents in modern U.S. politics. Republicans charge that what is essentially Democrat-paid rumors and salacious gossip may have been the catalyst for the FBI to justify launching an investigation in July into the Donald Trump campaign and suspected Russia collusion.

Some Democrats continue to bet the dossier will bring President Trump’s downfall.

House Republicans say Democrats may have violated campaign finance laws by funneling money from the national committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign through a law firm to opposition research firm Fusion GPS. From there, the money flowed overseas to former British spy Christopher Steele, the dossier writer who handed out the money to Kremlin sources to dish dirt on Mr. Trump and his people.

Mr. Steele briefed Washington reporters in September 2016 at Fusion GPS’s request. He warned them to first confirm his assertions before writing articles, according to his filing in a libel lawsuit against him in London.

The Perfumed Princes of the Pentagon By Clyde Ward – “If you’re not familiar with the term “Perfumed Prince,” take a look at Air Force LTG Jay Silveria, Commander of the Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs.”

“Silveria achieved the national spotlight by chewing out the entire class over racial slurs posted on five cadets’ quarters. Months later, it turned out that one of the targets was actually the perpetrator.

Here are some bullet points from a field manual. … General “Knee-Jerk” violated all of them. When confronted with his error, he replied that this had to be said anyway. Apparently, he was conflating the Charlottesville protests with his own command, not to mention a likely disdain for his commander in chief.

But here we have an intelligence failure. Charlottesville may well have been a false flag operation. So was the “hoax” at Silveria’s academy. Intelligence must be timely and adequate. Silveria was spot-on with time but dismally inadequate despite plenty of open source information, aka “news”.

The general ranted himself into an ambush.

Colonel David Hackworth coined the term “Perfumed Princes” to describe the leaders who sidestepped the Vietnam disaster and infested the senior ranks, playing the academic or business manager while they squeezed out soldiers on the soggy end.

But Silveria’s rant went beyond careerism.

This isn’t a matter of holding ourselves to higher standards. It’s a matter of having no standards at all. Despite having made “war on terrorism” for sixteen years, the Perfumed Princes have yet to provide guidance – neither on trying terrorists nor on how novel rules of engagement translate into traditional military jurisprudence. It’s all just fine, just the way it is, whatever it is, even with terms more generous to the enemy than to our own troops, who are just canonical cannon fodder.

Billions of dollars at stake in epic battle shaping up between University of California and two Texas Universities By Thomas Lifson – TU and A&M looking to compete for University of California’s contract with DoE’s administrative contract for the Los Alamos National Laboratory? A&M vs TU would be an epic fight and in this situation they are both up against an established big whale. This is going to be quite a struggle.

Cruising the Web by Betsy Newmark once again illustrates a blindness in a ‘both sides are the same’ logical fallacy; conflating assault, harassment, and talk; and falling into other problems that neo-neocon has highlighted. She shows that she is also got a ‘hobgoblin of little minds’ problem when it comes to Trump and Moore. Presumption of guilt just because you hate is never a good starting point. Here’s where that leads:

“And now some Republicans have absorbed the same who-cares attitude when accusations appear about one of their heroes. Donald Trump was elected despite very credible accusations of his groping women and he was caught on tape bragging about it. Yet the same sorts of people who were shocked and disgusted by Clinton’s behavior decided to turn a blind eye to his immorality. And quite a few Alabamians have adopted the same attitude toward Roy Moore. We’ve become an ugly place when political advantage trumps principle. Principled consistency has truly become the hobgoblin of little minds.

Does the Administrative Procedure Act authorize national injunctions? By Sam Bray – “Traditionally, injunctions have protected the plaintiff, but only the plaintiff — injunctions haven’t protected people who aren’t parties to the case.”

“But federal judges now sometimes give “national injunctions.” National injunctions prohibit the federal government from enforcing a law or regulation against anyone, not just against the plaintiff. Examples include the national injunctions against President Barack Obama’s signature immigration initiative and against President Trump’s order restricting travel from certain countries. National injunctions are becoming routine in the federal courts.

A mere statute cannot grant to the courts a power that lies beyond the “judicial Power.” … Article III of the Constitution of the United States confers the “judicial Power.” … Article III gives the judiciary authority to resolve the disputes of the litigants, not the disputes of others. Article III gives the judiciary authority to remedy the wrongs done to those litigants, not the wrongs done to others.

There is a problem when judges take it upon themselves to solve society’s problems en masse.

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