Where does it lead: gun control

The news tonight was talking about the latest Democrat efforts to get rid of a duly elected president. One of the commentators noted that the implications of the precedents that are being set are not well considered and do not bode well for the health of the country in the future. This is also happening on the Moore assault.

Gun control is another topic where satisfaction from immediate gratification is being pushed over reasoned consideration of implications. Here is a story from an Australian that illustrates just where gun control efforts can – and usually do – lead. Names have been removed but otherwise it is as sent.

The loud pounding on my front door (instead of using doorbell) yesterday as I wrote to you turned out to be to heavily equipped “anti terrorist” type policemen, so apart from having “POLICE” written across their backs they do not look, at least to me, as the police that deal with the general law abiding citizens on administrative matters. These men looked ready for “battle”!

So I was a bit taken aback.

They said “Police here, to check your firearms and storage.” So they came in and to where my storage locker is, with items of furniture resting against it and I unlocked it with the key. The police then required to examine each firearm and check the serial numbers against their list. We chatted as they did so. When that was completed I was required to answer a number of questions, including, when I had used the firearms last, where, and did I intend to continue to use them. How long since I had attended a Shooting Sports Club. There were some questions obviously intended to check my mental faculties including dates that I had carried out various things.

I was questioned, if any of my neighbours knew I owned firearms, if there was a second key, if so where is it kept, do I always retain the key on my person, etc. Does any other person have access to my firearms or knowledge of how to get access. I was then required to sign a document.

They then “advised” me that my type of metal cabinet storage is “no longer desirable” as criminals might be able to use a crowbar to buckle and force the door open. We then discussed the wording of the “Firearms Act” in regard to legal storage, and I was “advised” to get a heavy steel storage.  It was said that while I had done nothing wrong, that in a follow up inspection I should have the “stronger storage” having replaced what I currently have.

Now I have related in some detail because since back in the late 1960s, there has been this localised “interpretation” of the legal acts concerning firearms, prompted by the view of certain ranking police officers or by political or media influence, when challenged, as such interpretations have been in the past, have proved to be “non enforceable”, due to not being required by legislation.

I was not too surprised to receive an inspection as such, because due to the recent tragic events in the US, the gun control and then the media proponents in Australia have been baying like the hounds on the scent, for more stringent controls, no firearms for people who are not farmers etc etc. And due to events I have currently firearms registered in my name due to inheritance, not because I sort to own more firearms than I need.

The Governments current push, is for those firearms to be handed in for destruction, and there is a current amnesty to do that.

The two special ops, police that visited me, gave the reason it was them instead of regular police from the Firearms Registry Division was they were “helping out”????????????????

But to be fair to them they were polite courteous and one very deliberately reached back when leaving to shake hands.

The replacement gun storage if I buy one to take the present number of firearms in my possession will cost a figure more that a thousand dollars.

If this isn’t frightening, consider the deceit in the arguments advocating more control. for example: A ‘good guy’ with a gun could not stop 26 innocents from dying – LA  Times. The fact is that a good guy with a gun did stop the massacre and the residents of the area seem to think it only could have been stopped earlier if there were more people able to respond.

But if a squad of heavily equipped armed men pounding on your door just to make sure you weren’t lying to authorities doesn’t bother you, then why should any reality? Just ask the people in Venezuela, Cuba, and many other countries just how long the “it can’t happen to me” belief can last.

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