Neutrality? Russians? Insurance costs?

Helping the internet escape the economics-free zone By Daniel Schneider – “Broadband headway requires an end to the left’s net neutrality rules.”

Net neutrality is the principle that big internet companies should not be allowed to block, throttle or discriminate against any content. Contrary to the narrative of the hysterical left, net neutrality is not particularly controversial — though it’s an open question whether federal laws are needed to enforce a prohibition that market pressures in the broadband marketplace have already rendered irrelevant. The big broadband providers have already fully embraced neutrality as a core business practice, and pointed out they’d start hemorrhaging customers if they ever went back on that commitment.

But in the waning months of the Obama Administration, such common-sense market-based arguments rarely held sway.

Faced with this growing mountain of evidence that the Title II utility rules are a disaster, current FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has led the effort to correct this mistake. Unlike his predecessor, Mr. Pai has demonstrated a willingness to listen to economists — and common sense. And faced with an FCC chairman they can’t bully, the radical left and their bought-and-paid-for “non-partisan” allies have instead resorted to hysteria.

Their tactics are despicable and their claims are beyond absurd.

Innovation, investment and freedom of expression in the online ecosystem only became endangered by Barack Obama’s Title II takeover of the internet. The internet will only be stronger once Mr. Pai ends these investment-killing utility rules once and for all.

Thousands protested Trump last November in rally organized by Russia by John Sexton – “Last November, a few days after the election, thousands of people gathered for a rally in New York to protest Donald Trump.”

It turns out those were also Russia’s streets. The Hill reports that this particular protest was organized on Facebook by a Russian group calling itself BlackMattersUS, which many people mistakenly assumed was some kind of Black Lives Matter offshoot

This may have been the most popular event organized by the group but it was not the only such rally.

Buzzfeed has more on the RBC story here. As the near-panic about Russian influence over the election continues, it’s worth recognizing that a significant aspect of that effort was telling people on the left what they wanted to hear and encouraging them to act accordingly.

It’s mind numbed robots deja vu

Obamacare has quadrupled Nevada insurance premiums in 4 years By Victor Joecks – “Finding out exactly how much Obamacare has increased your insurance costs might send you into cardiac arrest.”

Remember when then-President Barack Obama promised the Affordable Care Act would “cut the cost of a typical family’s premium by up to $2,500 a year”? Right now families would settle for their premiums not increasing by $2,500 a year.

But that’s not the worst of it.

Obamacare hasn’t turned health insurance premiums into a mortgage payment. It’s turned health insurance premiums into two mortgage payments.

If you buy on the exchange, Obamacare does offer subsidies — which you’re paying for — for some people. But not everyone qualifies.

The Free Lunch will come back to bite … eventually.

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