The rappers got it right: Haters gonna hate

Houston Texans find new fake cause to kneel By Cheryl K. Chumley – “The possibilities of this type of protesting — and by this type, it’s meant, fabricated and fake — are endless, it seems.” It looks like McNair hit a nerve.

Houston Texans, upset because team owner Bob McNair had remarked to fellow NFL top brass that “we can’t have the inmates running the prison,” by and large bent the knee during their weekend game. McNair had apologized to his team — but apparently, that wasn’t good enough.
Why, because too many of the NFL’s own have spent time in jail and the remark is a little too close for comfort?
Here we all are thinking players are protesting racism and social injustice — and then wham, gotcha, no, no Nelly, turns out players are actually protesting the lack of orange Gatorade on the sidelines.
But the thing is: The anthem protests were never rooted in realism in the first place. Police just aren’t out there randomly targeting black people to shoot to kill. Police aren’t searching for their next minority take-down.
So taking knees to protest police injustice? Well, that’s the beauty of the players’ politicking. It makes about as much sense to protest the national anthem as to protest team owner’s remarks as to protest supplies of Gatorade. They’re all fabricated, fanciful, fake offenses.

The Manafort Political Theater Project launched by Thomas Lifson –

Some absurd MSM political theater is about to unfold, as if it were a serious scandal for Trump that a guy who was his campaign chairman for a few months is going to be charged for alleged crimes committed years before that relationship was forged. Paul Manafort and his longtime protégé are the big news for the MSM to inflate into a conspiracy that traces back to the puppet master in the Kremlin. They have been told to report for arrest, which means they are to be indicted.
The theory under which prosecutors work, of course, is to squeeze the little guy with the threat of prison and get him to implicate the higher-ups. But for that strategy to work for Mueller on Manafort, there have to be facts to reveal. So far, despite extensive private and prosecutorial research for over a year, there are no facts.

It’s all a cover for Uranium One
Tough luck for Manafort and Gates. I have no idea if they are guilty, but they are in for an expensive defense no matter what.

Guessing a Scooter Libby type thing was a bit optimistic. Now it appears there is an Oliver North type thing adding flavor. It is a tale of the Eye of Sauron.

One characteristic of the Left is persistence in innanity. Consider this story. The Complete Story of the River Oaks Tank by John Nova Lomax – “The HOA wasn’t the only foe that Tony Buzbee and his tank, Cheyenne, faced in the Battle of River Oaks Boulevard.”

Buzbee’s other nemesis in the tank fight was “Randolph Duke,” partisan of all things Texas Longhorn and dedicated Internet-based scourge of all Fightin’ Texas Aggies.

This is not Duke’s first campaign in this theater. With the dogged tenacity of an Inspector Javert, Duke, who won’t consent to allowing the use of his real name out of fear of Aggie reprisals, has spent much of his free time over the last few years chiseling away at the true facts of the 12th Man story, that cornerstone of Aggie tradition, going so far as to send his research to the legal teams of the Seattle Seahawks and Indianapolis Colts NFL teams in their battles with the school over their use of the Aggie trademark.
The rappers got it right: Haters gonna hate.

Wind PTC: Excessive Benefit Demands Repeal by Lisa Linowes –

For U.S. taxpayers, another 30,000 MW of wind means adding another $25 billion in public handouts to what we’re already paying today for existing facilities.[1] This estimate does not account for the repowering of older turbine projects which are also PTC-eligible.

Since the tax credit is an open-ended subsidy we can only estimate the full cost, but on a kWh-basis, the scale of the PTC benefit is enormous. The 2.4¢/kWh in after-tax income represents a pre-tax value of approximately 3.5¢/kWh. For most regions of the country this equals, or exceeds, the wholesale price of electricity. But the distortion does not end there.

When the government and money meet, the substance and reality get distorted with a fog of distraction, That is why Mueller hired specialists in this area in order to target folks like Manafort. Given sufficient examination, there will always be something.

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