Played for patsies … so many scandals, so much denial and dissonance

Is a media reckoning looming for Hillary? By Thomas Lifson – “one thing that journalists hate is being played for patsies.”

Right now, the MSM is ignoring the story as much as possible, but the cofferdam has too many leaks. The presence of aggrieved, name-brand reporters at the NYT and WaPo is important, because their work cannot be dismissed as Fox News or Breitbart. The two papers operate as pilot fish for the rest of the media.

How Many Democratic Scandals Does It Take For The Media To Give Them Proper Coverage? by Joseph A. Wulfsohn – “There are plenty of controversies that can be discussed, but there are six politically damaging stories in particular that Democrats would rather not talk about (and apparently, the media as well).”

Trump has won the civil war where it counts — with voters by David M. Drucker – “The brawl for dominance in the Republican Party is certainly remarkable.” Those calling the President “Reckless, outrageous, and undignified” need to look in the mirror except that they are looking for peer points, not reality. Those opposing Trump seem to always be very sore losers.

The Republican civil war is real. The institutions that make up the party, from Congress to think tanks to prominent members of the conservative media, continue to resist Trump’s populist strain of Republicanism and his takeover of the party.

But for the most part, the voters that empower those institutions feel differently. To be sure, some Republican voters would prefer that Trump calm his Twitter habit and act more presidential. Eventually, their patience could run out. But for the most part, the president is giving Republican voters what they want. In that sense, Trump has already won.

The Russia Dossier Story: A Perfect Storm of Clinton Deception, Media Irresponsibility, and Democratic Moral Blindness by David French – “A bombshell Washington Post story reveals Hillary’s campaign and the DNC were behind the dossier, after all.”

It would be easy, at this point, to start to wander down the rabbit hole, to wonder how much of the so-called “Russia controversy” is based on the Clinton campaign’s opposition research, but let’s not speculate. The truth will emerge. Instead, let’s do something else: Let’s consider how the Russian-dossier story has thus far represented a perfect storm of classic Clintonism, media irresponsibility, and Democratic moral blindness.
“Sanctimonious lying” is Clintonworld’s M.O. From Bill to Hillary to key members of her team, they lie constantly, repetitively, and with style, and the lies often conceal no-holds-barred, bare-knuckle politics designed to win races and destroy political opponents. The lies here are important.
Then there’s the media irresponsibility.
Finally, let’s talk for a moment about Democratic moral blindness.

That rabbit hole and the tactics described provide a hint about what is likely to be the ongoing defense that will be visible in response to the revelations. Here’s one where ‘apologists’ is the label used for the defensive.

Still sure that non-citizens don’t vote? By Jazz Shaw – “You’ll probably be hearing more about this in the coming weeks, but Pennsylvania election officials have revealed that “hundreds” of non-citizen immigrants may have voted in various elections over the past sixteen years.”

Apologists for these programs will be quick to latch on to the small numbers repeatedly stressed in this article, but let’s keep in mind that this is only one category of improper voter registration. The people involved here are ostensibly legal immigrants who were obtaining drivers licenses and identification cards and were mistakenly registered. What about the booming business of black market, fake ID documents out there? (And yes, it’s a massive market.) Once you have one of those in your possession all sorts of opportunities open up, even if you’re an illegal alien.

More digging is required before this story heads down the memory hole. This is far more likely to be the tip of the iceberg than some statistically insignificant aberration.

Every anti-physics nut job should write her “Not Even Wrong” by LuboÅ¡ Motl – “The subsequent events have proven that there exist millions of people in the society who viscerally hate physics and who are willing to pay lots of money to talking heads who repeat some anti-physics populist gibberish sufficiently many times.”

What makes me so infinitely angry about similar nasty bitches is the fact that the expansion of this garbage proves the disappearance if not reversal of meritocracy in the society. I know numerous ingenious physicists – or mathematicians or some people in between – who could write amazing books with some precious, high-brow content. They could earn some well-deserved money for that. However, the society is so screwed that there’s really not enough demand for any of the things that have a value. There is much more demand for clones of Smolin and Woit that just spit at physics. That’s what millions of intellectually inferior readers want to read about and that’s how many authors and P.R. figures may make money – and they are already doing so.

Swamp-Shrink Rising at the Crack of Don By Deborah C. Tyler – “There are two kinds of ethical offenses a psychologists might commit: objective and subjective.”

An objective transgression happens when a psychologist is knowingly dishonest to other people, and a subjective error occurs when a psychologist succumbs to being dishonest with himself. Objective errors of omission happen when a psychologist fails to meet minimal standards of care while performing professional activities; objective errors of commission occur when a personal motive leads a psychologist to misuse his position for personal gratification.

Subjective errors occur when psychologists are dishonest with themselves about how their own biases, beliefs, and interests might affect professional judgment.

Psychologist John Gartner has committed all three ethical offenses in psycho-diagnosing the current president as an out-of-control “malignant narcissist” and in declaring President Trump psychologically unfit to serve.
John Gartner’s dishonesty with himself is his most serious offense, and it typifies the imprisonment of the entire field of clinical psychology in self-imposed anti-God, left-wing captivity.
Absolute ignorance demands absolute mental obedience. It destroys objectivity, reason, and compassion. The American left wing, the Democratic Party, the APA, and its member John Gartner crouch in that narrow cell of absolute and relative fallacies that perpetuate the unremitting hate of their closed minds. It is why they cannot rationally debate issues, but rage about nonexistent racism, sexism, homophobia, blah, blah, blah. It is why John Gartner violated the ethical principles of his profession to psychobabble against Donald Trump.

The current public square is a gold mine for any observer of deviant behavior but the first caveat for any such observer is to be self-honest and to ‘know thyself.’  

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