The Front Page isn’t saying much

In the Washington Times today are reports that much of the ‘Russian Collusion’ story stems from the appointment of a community organizer as ambassador to Russia in 2012. It seems the Russian government did not take too well to a U.S. Ambassador organizing resistance movements there.

Another story is about how ex-Trump aides are fighting back against the scurrilous smear campaign they endured by working with the FBI on criminal investigations and pushing ethics and court complaints.

I’m mad as hell and I’m not taking it anymore By L. Todd Wood – “Black America wrong to blame white racism for woes.” Many might sympathize with his observations and ‘enough is enough’ attitude.

The coverage on the Front Page is rather thin for many other news publishers as it has to spread to fill the space there. There is only so far you can Fake the News for that so many stories get buried below the fold or inside in curious spots if they get coverage at all. Then there is ‘social media’ and Drudge is warning that those who repeat fake stories my end up liable for libel. Caveat Emptor! The saga at Quicksand Bottoms in Hallelujah Trail comes to mind.

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