Facsism to believe and use evidence?

This goes under “One of the ways some folks handle views they don’t like.” In this case, they don’t like medicine being ‘scientific’ which means evidence based. So they create a straw man and accuse him of being fascist. That is, they rationalize their ‘alternative’ view by accusing the opposition as being a centralization of authority that suppresses opposition and makes them a victim.

The example here is at Stats.org Medicine’s Focus on Evidence is Not “Fascist”.

Medicine’s focus on evidence is “fascistic,” according to a paper in the September 2006 ( pp. 180-186) issue of the International Journal of Evidence-based Healthcare.

The authors wax rather eloquent in criticism of the paper…

This kind of blasé, jargon-driven, third-rate critical thinking tends to fall like manna to those who cannot bear to endorse anything that’s a product of the Enlightenment – save those attempts to destroy it from within. … If the authors are interested in European intellectual history, they should reflect on what Jean Paul Sartre meant by “bad faith.”

The question is whether or not we choose to value one of the fundamental precepts of Western Culture. This is the realization that we are going to do more for humanity if we work with what we can measure and see and observe rather than what is only a figment of the imagination. We can use placebos but only within a certain understanding of their limitations.

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