Peter Nichols: Doctor Krauthammer’s Peculiar Guardrails – “Of course, moral disgrace is one thing, and moral imbecility another.

The renowned Dr. Charles Krauthammer, arguing on camera against Laura Ingraham, pronounces the President’s remarks at his press conference on the Charlottesville, Virginia melee a “moral disgrace.”

The specification is Mr. Trump’s insistence that at Charlottesville, there was violence on both sides. To say this was a dastardly abrogation of duty, even though the Doctor himself acknowledges it to be true (“Yes, there was violence on both sides.”). It is true, but “not the point.” It is not the point because all the leaders “in this generation,” all except Trump, recognize the unique importance and evil of white racism in American society. And so, if there was a faction in the streets of Charlottesville that stood for racism, it is immoral to criticize another faction opposing it.

It makes no difference what the other faction did, or what part it played in the mayhem. It makes no difference that the “Unite the Right” demonstrators had a permit, affirmed by a court of law. It is immaterial whether all of those protesting the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue were actually Nazis or Klansmen. It does not matter that the President had denounced the Nazis and the Klan in his second statement, and specifically the one who murdered a woman with his car.

In his exchange with Laura Ingraham, Krauthammer to some extent continues the argument of a recent column, in which he rejoices that the “guardrails” of our democracy had held against the imminent threat to it: President Trump.

Krauthammer knows what is good for the young Boy Scouts, and the Boy Scout leaders know what is good for themselves. Whatever guardrail protected their moral tradition has long been bulldozed by the gay rights agenda, and they dare not incur the leftists’ wrath by being associated with a leader who is not afraid of them.

Most extraordinary is Krauthammer’s praise for the Republican senators who sabotaged the ObamaCare replacement bill, after promising their constituents that they were for ridding the nation of this health care abomination.

The President and his willingness to say what leaves Dr. Krauthammer aghast, is the only significant opposition to the menace. In that sense, and just at this moment, the President would appear to be the guardrail, however imperfect. Let the Krauthammers of the world offer us a better one (and stop pretending that Nazis and Klansmen are the primary threat) if Trump causes them such indignation.

VDH: Trump Haters Left Right Versus Trump Supporters Civil War Field Guide – describes it another way.

This species of Never Trumpers sees support for Trump as abject ethical treason. They would even rather live with a Clinton Supreme Court for 30 years than be stained by Trumpian enablement and hypocrisy (“wrong with Hillary is preferable to right with Trump”). They prefer catharsis to governance with Trump and dream that they will be ready to rebuild the party of George H. W. Bush and Paul Ryan after the fires of such ritual cleansing have incinerated the Trump yahoos.

The Arpaio case continues to resonate. Paul Mirengoff: Did Joe Arpaio receive a fair hearing from an unbiased judge? – “political animus by those who opposed Arpaio’s efforts to fill the void left by the feds appears to have driven the legal case against him.” This animus is very visible in the objections to the pardon and should serve to raise skepticism about the conviction rather than the pardon. This is another case where the evidence is accumulating that it was a political hit job and not a mater of law and justice.

Ron Rotunda, a distinguished attorney and law professor, informs me via email of certain facts that reinforce my view that partisan politics drove the case against Arpaio and, indeed, resulted in an unfair trial in the case that produced the order Arpaio later was convicted of violating. I believe readers will be interested in what Rotunda has to say.

It should be obvious that whatever the duties of a federal judge are, that job description does not include conducting a judicial proceeding in a way to insure that Sheriff Arpaio is not elected and to pursue an investigation that is even broader than that for what appears to be personal reasons. . . .

Betsy Newmark provides the Trump hater’s view citing Andrew McCarthy. It seems McCarthy has forgotten President Ford’s pardon of Nixon. Both Newmark and McCarthy are sidestepping the political nature of the Arpaio conviction and, in doing so, illustrate why politics is the fundamental issue and not law.

Check out Charlie Daniels on Truth and Evil Intentions — “Well this person, a Black Lives Matter activist, went not to enjoy the fun but to criticize and try to find some obnoxious racial element in the show or its surroundings, and miserably failing to do so went to press with inane bits and pieces of minutia and innuendo.

Trying to sow seeds of dissention and division in a place where they will not take root, because Dolly’s popular dinner show, despite having Dixie in its name is one hundred percent American, patriotic and uplifting, drawing an audience of all races.

And therein, lies the true purpose of this radical movement, it is not a search for truth and unity, but a witch hunt for anything that can be construed or misconstrued to have the least racial overtones, a way to provoke chaos in America, a protest against a president they don’t like and remorse and anger for the candidate who would have carried on the secular socialist policies of Barack Obama.

Ace: Is America Now Officially Crazy? – “It’s all part of our pack animal evolution

I believe it is. I believe the dominant media culture has gone crazy due to the trauma of not getting their way. I further believe that their constant hysteria makes more sane people not actually crazy, but very stressed out and agitated.

But those things are good only when the pack animals around you are sane and reasonably reacting to stimuli that seem to indicate genuinely possible threats.

However, when half of the pack has Mad Cow Disease and shriek and wail over nothing at all, this transmission of anxiety and fear becomes toxic for the healthy members of the pack.

Half of America now consists of barely-functional lunatics, and it’s best to avoid them for all sorts of reasons.

I can only tell you I’ve been out with politically minded people and I’ve watched them freak out as they check the twitter feeds. Their voices become higher pitched and faster paced; they begin becoming apprehensive, agitated, and anxious.

let me link a few articles exploring this phenomenon of mass national lunacy.

So how do you live and keep your mental wellness in our Post-Sanity World?

Don’t take their insults too personally. … Find a Pillar of Mental Stability — Something You Can Personally Improve or Create or Build. … Disconnect Whenever Possible

Tune out the lunatics, filter out the hate, embrace things that matter, and try to get off the white-knuckled machine of anxiety, fear, depression, and hopelessness Your Media Betters have made for you.

Jeff Goodson: The NFL between a Rock and a Hard Place – “the player protests in the National Football League are an object lesson in cultural insurgency.”

Now both the NAACP on one side and pro football fans on the other are calling for a boycott of the NFL. This has put the League in a “damned if you, damned if you don’t” situation and given it a headache of Solomonic proportions.

There’s a lot at stake, and it’s not just money. One more season of this, and we’ll have a better idea of whether professional football in America has crossed the Rubicon. And a better idea of where America’s culture wars are heading.

Michael Bargo, Jr: The Democrats’ War on First Responder Services – “few Americans know that the Democrat political machine has been systematically robbing local police, fire and health care services.”

Government derives much of its moral authority to tax from its obligation to provide public safety, health and education. Yet as public-sector pension plans create ever-greater demands upon local and state financial resources, The Democrats’ machine funnels so much tax revenue into the corrupt bargain the party made with unions that states and municipalities must rob local public services of funds in order to give their constituents outrageous salary increases, bonuses, benefits and what is called “other pay.”

The trend is clear and very disturbing: public services go unfunded to exorbitant pensions and salaries are maintained.

Jazz Shaw: Denver continues its stubborn march toward lawlessness – “The city is doing this knowing full well that they are placing themselves in line to have their DoJ grant money cut.”

I’m still left wondering precisely how much longer the residents of Denver are going to put up with this. The City Council can create all of the curiously named laws it likes, but the fact is that they are making the city’s residents less safe, not more. Their government is making clear that they are prioritizing the security of known criminals over the safety and welfare of their law abiding citizens. And they’re chopping their own funding which allows law enforcement to do their jobs to boot. But as long as they keep electing people like Mayor Hancock and the current City Council they will no doubt be getting more of the same. If you can’t change the current leadership it might be time to consider getting the heck out of Denver.

Also So much for “ladies night” at one shooting range – some will complain, and file lawsuits, about anything.

While not dealing with a shooting range in particular, over the past ten years we saw a number of similar lawsuits brought against bars and restaurants which offered ladies night specials with free or reduced price drinks. And according to this ABC News report from ten years ago, the bars usually lost. The courts frequently found that, “single-sex discounts violate state and federal statutes guaranteeing equal protection under the law.”

Another example by Ace: Here’s the Story Louise Mensa Has Been “Reporting” or Just Retweeting – “Chuck Ross combs Louise Mensa’s twitter feed so you don’t have to

Note that the New York Times published a Mensa op-ed on “Russian meddling” in the election. I do not think they’d do that for a right-wing conspiracy theorist with a history of making sensational claims about, say, Obama’s birth certificate.

But they did it for Mensa.

Mark J. Fitzgibbons: Charlottesville false narrative crushed by DHS warning – “Governor Terry McAuliffe’s efforts to evade responsibility for the shocking violence at Charlottesville just got even more implausible.”

He and local authorities were warned, and yet allowed, if not forced, the two violence-prone parties into such close proximity that violence was a near certainty.

The warning issued to state and city officials was clear that the violence in Charlottesville would come, as President Trump was widely criticized for saying, from “both sides.” As quoted by Politico, the DHS assessment issued three days ahead of the Charlottesville incident read, “Anarchist extremists and white supremacist extremists online are calling on supporters to be prepared for or to instigate violence at the 12 August rally.”

Despite denials of a “stand down” order, it has become obvious, even to the ACLU, that police were kept from doing their jobs, and violence was allowed to unfold before the nation, as the media did its job of blaming conservatives and President Trump for the actions of neo-Nazis.

A disgraceful episode in American history is likely far more disgraceful than people yet understand. That federal investigation needs to be thorough and speedy.

VDH: Equal by Catastrophe – “Throughout his book, Scheidel takes pains to emphasize his tragic view of inequality, and repeatedly notes that he does not like the very solutions that he has found” A review of The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century by Walter Scheidel (Princeton University Press, 528 pp., USD$35).

Scheidel’s argument depends on a number of propositions that he does not fully explore. Economic inequality is always relative, not absolute. Scheidel assumes that throughout history disproportionate wealth leads to permanent class envy and inevitable strife. In contemporary terms, the American poor resent not just their poverty, but feel insult added to their injury in seeing others who have far more. Really? The story of the twenty-first century may be that high-tech breakthroughs, the inclusion of three billion workers from the former Third World into the global capitalist labor force, and the internet have redefined poverty and wealth.

What drives inequality during civilization’s calm? Scheidel describes rather than analyses the relative roles of luck, health, inheritance, education, or talent in wealth creation.

For all Scheidel’s good sense and prodigious research, he still does not manage to reconcile his assumption that economic equality is a very good thing with his demonstration that it occurs only under the most barbaric of conditions.

Regina F. Graham and Cheyenne Roundtree and Daniel Roth For More than 70,000 brave fierce dust storm at Burning Man – “Strong winds descend on the famed festival in the Nevada desert” What it’s about. A lot of pictures. And the wrap-up weekend is forecast to be record hot.

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