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Clarice Feldman: Terry and the (Antifa) Bandits Will Inherit the Wind – “Hillary’s pal, Governor Terry McAuliffe, obviously thought he had another keen plan to keep his party from utter ruin.”

Buses bearing hundreds of Antifa in their distinctive masks and Unabomber garb, BLM, and other leftwing street thugs descended on the site, masked and armed with bats, clubs, and tear gas spray. They infiltrated the area set aside for Unite and when the police forced the legal demonstrators into the crowd, the Virginia police did nothing to stem the perfectly predictable violence. Indeed, at 11:52 a.m. Governor McAuliffe ordered the legal demonstrators out. When the mayhem continued, McAuliffe reportedly issued a stand-down order. It sure looks as if it was a setup. …
Harry Lewis observed: the governor and local Democrats wanted to foment violence “Because they want to depict the government as unable to maintain order, and violence is an acceptable way to achieve political objectives.”
The media to its shame, played along with the Democrats’ script.

Antifa gangs beat up reporters to stop them from filing their violent acts, something barely reported.
As is often the case, the Democrat propagandists, play on Jewish fears of anti-Semitism without noting the strong current in the most viable, best-funded and largest cohort of both sides in Charlottesville. Antifa is every bit as anti-Semitic as their counterparts on the far right
Indeed, days after the first very biased media coverage, some media been forced to pull back.
Nevertheless, the Times is still searching in vain for evidence that Trump is a racist.
It seems clear to me that the Democrats would happily destroy the country rather than accept losing it at the ballot box. Is it just me? I cannot see such thuggery persuading the voters in the states Hillary lost to switch back to her violence-supporting party or those who voted for pride in our nation and support for its constitutional guarantees of equal rights to jump ship to join anarchists, racists, communists, and rule by violence.

John Sexton: CNN’s take on Antifa: Peace through violence – “The left’s secret society of masked vandals is growing and they are seeking to normalize political violence.”

CNN published an article today based on interviews with members of Antifa. The headline notes, “Activists seek peace through violence.” That seems to suggest there’s a real problem with what Antifa is doing but the rest of the article comes across as sympathetic to the group, even to their violence:
Now we’re arguing that violence is a reasonable response to “hate speech.” At least no one is trying to claim James Madison for support. As for the idea that history will decide, that’s another way Antifa is saying they don’t believe the actual law as it exists now applies to them. That’s why they wear masks and dress the same, so they can get away with it.
People who feel they can act above the law (so long as it’s for the right reason) are a danger to all of us. Responsible Americans should condemn Antifa rather than tolerate them.

Neo-neocon has more: CNN tries really really hard to say something bad about Antifa… – “This sort of thing is self-serving, sophistic claptrap from people who yearn to be considered as brave as the real Resistance during the real World War II fighting the real Nazis, and who have a love affair with violence themselves.”

Ed Morrissey: Judge to IRS: Start naming names – “Walton now has ordered the IRS to broaden their searches, both in time and in scope, in order to get this scandal fully resolved one way or the other.”

The IRS had hoped to close off demands for more discovery, arguing that too much time had elapsed and that there were no indications that further searches would be fruitful. In short, they argued that the plaintiffs in the lawsuit were merely on a fishing expedition. “The United States should not be held to respond to far-reaching inquiries,” the Department of Justice argued.

That’s a rather gutsy statement, considering that the IRS admitted just a few months ago that it had suddenly discovered seven thousand undisclosed documents relating to the scandal. The problem in this scandal is that the inquiries clearly haven’t reached far enough. But it raises an interesting question: why is the DoJ still siding with the IRS in the case of conservative targeting by the agency? For that matter, why is John Koskinen still the commissioner of the IRS?

J. Robert Smith provides perspective and context for the monument riots in The Great Robert E. Lee – “He was a man of integrity. He was a man of his place and time. He deserves our remembrance and respect.”

The left – and the mainstream media, the Democratic Party, the race industry, and establishment go-alongs – want to destroy our history. Destroy anything that honors the men who fought for the South in the Civil War. Destroy, as the left does – here and abroad – history that doesn’t comport with its worldview. Destroy it or ignore it and rewrite it, as the Stalinists did. As Orwell warned.

That’s a villainous mindset. It contains an awfully destructive logic if not defeated.
we live in dumbed down times, when schools fail to teach, or foist revisionist history on our kids; when history is barely remembered, much less understood; when tens of millions of citizens are open to falsehood, misrepresentation, and certainly lack of context about the momentous events and times and people in the past who shaped our nation.
Modern Americans often travel across state lines. They relocate for work or lifestyle. They fail to appreciate mid-19th-century life. Though change was coming, Americans were still overwhelmingly rural, rarely venturing more than a dozen miles from their villages or farms. The nation was only loosely knitted together through the Revolution, rudimentary media, religion, and culture. The Civil War commenced just 72 years after Washington was sworn in as president.
Racism was prevalent throughout the nation. Lee’s thinking was deemed progressive. The temptation is to impose early 21st-century sensibilities on Lee, whose correspondence is 161 years ancient.

The North and South were diverging. The former was industrializing, while the latter remained agrarian. The North’s demographics were changing, with influxes of European immigrants. The North had started to urbanize.

Lee, like many Southerners, fought for independence, not slavery. Those Southerners fought Northern tyranny – so perceived, though erroneous. Had it been a divorce, the South would have filed on grounds of irreconcilable differences.
The Civil War greatly shaped our nation. It’s intrinsic to our history, our reality. It has a truth – terrible, tragic, noble. Leftist revisionists be damned.

That’s why it is still the “war between the states” in the South. Slavery was chosen, via Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, as a primary symbol for the conflict to make it easier to swallow the need for the horror and destruction. “Up until September 1862, the main focus of the war had been to preserve the Union. With the issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation freedom for slaves now became a legitimate war aim.” [] There was much more to the conflict and those who choose monuments as their symbol for social discord attempt to sweep that history out of sight rather than learn from it.

In many ways, the Civil War was the second war by the U.S. to free slaves. The first was the Revolutionary War that freed indentured servants (wikipedia – “Between one-half and two-thirds of white immigrants to the American colonies between the 1630s and American Revolution had come under indentures.”) and an oppressed population.

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