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Dov Fischer: And Yet President Trump, in His Classically Inartful Way, Was Absolutely Right – There’s the usual bunch of “yeah-but” qualifiers and obsession with slavery outside of historical context but the thing to note is this “Trump was right” surfacing again. And again. And again. Romney is reported as asking for an apology from Trump. Did he actually listen to what was actually said like Fischer did?

I just did something fascinating. I just watched the President’s entire 14-minute impromptu news conference at Trump Tower on Monday that sparked all the latest barrage of anti-Trump screeds
Not the reportage about the conference, but the entire 14 minutes unedited, uninterrupted. I found myself agreeing with his every word. I did not find his tone or demeanor “unpresidential” in the least. He sharply and explicitly condemned the Nazis and White Supremacists unequivocally. He also condemned the extreme leftists who premeditatedly came armed with weapons to smash up a demonstration that, rightly or wrongly, had been granted a legal permit.

Allahpundit is on a tear this morning. One of the more ‘stick to reality’ posts is Romney to Trump on Charlottesville: Apologize – There’s a “yeah-but” here, too, in acknowledging Trump was right but complaining that he didn’t present the proper emphasis. One should not ignore the obsession with “racial oppression” either.

The other point is that he [Romney needs to get away from the idea that the Nazis were the only ones being violent last weekend. It’s simply incorrect, and the more he stresses it the more he’s going to be dismissed as an unwitting apologist for Antifa. … Trump’s main failing on Saturday wasn’t the celebrated comment about violence on “many sides,” which was tone-deaf after a white supremacist had just killed a woman by ramming her with his car but not factually inaccurate. His failing was not going much further to specifically condemn the alt-righters given their special affinity for him personally and the country’s history of racial oppression.

Ed Morrissey reports on one case that stepped over the line: Missouri Dem: Heck no, I won’t resign after calling for Trump’s assassination – “voters entrusted to Chappelle-Nadal with the expectations that she would act responsibly with that public trust. Instead, Chappelle-Nadal cheerleaded for an assassination.”

Congressman William Clay, a fellow Democrat, put it best. “(C)alling for the assassination of the President is a federal crime. … (She is) an embarrassment to our state. She should resign immediately.” Chappelle-Nadal is an embarrassment to self-governance and self-discipline. If she had any shred of remorse, she would not just resign from this office, but pledge never to run for another one. The very fact that she doesn’t feel the need to resign makes her unfitness for office even more obvious. If her fellow Democrats can’t convince her to resign, then her colleagues in the Missouri legislature need to act to expel her.

The IRS Lois Lerner scandal hit another milestone. Scott Johnson describes it as Judge Walton To Irs: “lay It On The Line” – “Koskinen has capably served as a bureaucratic foot dragger, dissembler and apologist for the scandals involving the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups.” Citing Stephen Dinan in his Washington Times article:

Despite confirmation from the D.C. Circuit last August that Plaintiffs’ constitutional claims against the IRS remain viable, resulting in a remand of the case to the district court for a decision on the substantive merits of Plaintiffs’ claims, the agency has persisted in its efforts to prevent disclosure of the details surrounding its targeting of these groups.
The court has instructed the IRS to explain, among other things, the reasons for the IRS’s delay of the Plaintiffs’ applications for tax-exempt status (to be addressed as to each separate Plaintiff), the identities of the individuals responsible for the delays, and any actions taken by the IRS since it granted them tax exemption that are outside the normal course of business.
The impact of this ruling cannot be understated, as it means that the IRS must finally acknowledge its wrongdoing (and the reasons for it) in the context of a judicial proceeding in which the agency may be held legally accountable for its misconduct.

Liz Sheld: Worse than Nazis? Gun Owners – “The ACLU has announced that it will not support the rights of groups that want to enjoy both the First and Second Amendments.”

The event at Charlottesville was a heated one to say the least — and still there was no Wild West shootout like the kind we are constantly warned about by the anti-Second Amendment alarmists.

My suspicion is that the ACLU is placating their cohort after coming under fire for defending the Nazis’ First Amendment protections. Here’s a bone, they probably thought: we’ll refuse to protect the rights of gun owners, who are worse than Nazis apparently.

Of, course, a hallmark of the Left is that only certain identity groups have selected rights and it is up to them, via government, to choose who gets what. After all, the distribution of resources to fit selected ideas of ‘equality’ is what socialism and the Left is all about.

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