When did you stop beating your wife?

That’s the famous line about presumed guilt. Also, on these observations of human nature is to note that the lies about the riots are circulating the planet with the truth is just beginning to get some visibility. See John Sexton on NBC and the BBC: There were violent left-wing protesters in Charlottesville – BBC reporter “Gunter continued, “Trump is right. There was violence on both sides.”

Suzanne Fields: Scapegoats, dupes and gulls – “Intolerance is the name of the game the fearful and frightened play.”

Identity politics has gone over the top, and the flood of intolerance is drenching everyone. What began as a campaign to re-right injustice has created injustice. What was meant to change attitudes toward intolerance has become intolerance enthroned.

If math can be misleading, reactions to its ambiguous data can be merciless.

Cheryl K. Chumley: Donald Trump lashes at Lindsey Graham’s ‘moral equivalency’ quip – “Isn’t it bad enough that Trump has to correct the media for misstatements all the time? But he also has to clarify what those in own party are putting out that paint him with a black brush?” Limbaugh took off this morning on this phenomenon. Graham’s ‘moral equivalency’ is malignant and seldom applied where it really belongs. Assertions like Graham’s and others regarding Trump on Charlottesville are a most destructive and gross form of ‘fake news’ and its purveyors should be held to account and properly shamed for their false witness.

And also Charlottesville and the loss of America’s sanity – “President Donald Trump, bombarded in a speech on infrastructure with repetitive and aggressive questions about Charlottesville, made clear — again — that violence, bigotry and racism in all its many forms, in all its various shapes, were not to be tolerated.”

Let the feeding frenzy of media sharks begin. It’s as Rahm Emanuel, former White House top dog and current mayor of Chicago says: Never let a crisis go to waste. My, how that principle is playing here.

America, bluntly, has lost her sanity over Charlottesville. It’s like the words “white supremacist” came in the room, and critical thinking scurried.

what’s happened, in the emotionally charged atmosphere of the media’s narrative, is that those who try to explore the facts are automatically cast as a white supremacist; conversely, those who wildly proclaim that hate speech must be shut down are seen as reasoned and level-thinking.

what’s needed is a collective breath, a unified step back from the overheated rhetoric.

What’s missing from all this media coverage is context; what’s lacking is a look at the facts. Witnesses say the alt-left faction — the counterprotesters — started the violence. Witnesses say the police did nothing to stop the violence — that they either failed to arrive on scene or were ordered to stand down and let the violence unfold as it may. Witnesses say the protesters were wrongfully corralled into a space that included barricades — barricades that were put there when the city manager yanked the permit, but never removed when the city had to return the permit — and that the positioning of these barricades forced the protesters to walk closely by the counterprotesters, directly in their line of fire, so to speak.

It seems, as Americans, we should be able to at least agree on two points: Racism, in all its forms, is evil. And the First Amendment, at all costs, must be protected and preserved.

From a 1st Ammendment perspective, consider Chasmer’s report: “Gwinnett County Judge Jim Hinkle, a former longtime mayor of Grayson, tendered his resignation on Wednesday.”

“While, thankfully, our Constitution protects the right of all citizens to express their opinions, Judges are held to a more stringent standard by the Judicial Canons,” she said.

Judge Blum said in an earlier statement that the Judicial Canons, “as well as our internal policies, require Judges to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity, impartiality, and fairness of the judiciary.”

But this only applies for certain political ideologies, not others, and which is which is becoming increasingly clear.

Judson Phillips: Antifa and white supremist rallies – “Idiots wanted to fight in Charlottesville.”

This whole tragedy could have easily been avoided and the fault for this belongs to the radical left.

The left in general and the radical left in particular, has a reflexive desire to shut down the expression of any opinion it disagrees with. The left demonstrates this with speech codes on college campuses or in the most recent example, the firing of James Damore from Google because he dared to question liberal orthodoxy.

Antifa is simply the logical extension of liberalism. When all else fails, use violence to silence anyone you disagree with.

Had the radical left Antifa crowd just left the white nationalists alone, the “unite the right” rally would have had three minutes of coverage and no one would have cared. It would have quickly been consigned to the eternal darkness of the oblivion where bad ideas go to die.

There will be more violence in the future. Antifa has made this clear.

Antifa is a real and present danger to Americans and American liberty. They are violent extremists and they are the ones the government needs to stop.

There is much being said, in public and with vehemence, about ‘right to speak but’ in regard to the people Antifa attacked. What is missing is what Trump noticed. It is the violence that needs condemnation, not the speech or who said it. Free speech is protected. Violence is not.

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