An honest look? Stimulus or Response?

Earick Ward: Charlottesville and Truth – “Those who control the narrative, control the truth.” It’s about the Trump blaming in regards to not saying what the Left wants to hear. Trump condemned behavior. The Left wants condemnation of their opponents.

The principles of freedom are universal (all men), and are granted by God. Our Founding documents enshrined these rights, and were “exceptional” in their development and institutionalization.

There is a counter movement that seeks America’s destruction, and the imposition of a new covenant, predicated on the wisdom of man, or more particularly, a select group of men, who seek to manage the affairs of all man.
The Media, local Authorities, and in this instance, Virginia’s Governor, Terry McAuliffe determined, before a word was spoken, and/or a step was taken, in the “permitted” March that “White Nationalists” (whatever that is) were haters. Disregard that countless prior Black Lives Matter events (sanctioned and unsanctioned) called for the murder and suppression of white people, generally, and white cops, specifically. And/or antifa events, where violence was perpetrated against, again, predominantly white people.
A New (cultural) Revolution is upon us. The next 12-24 months will determine our future. Liberty or Tyranny. Lies or Truth.

Daniel Greenfield: One Easy Way Democrats Can Stop Neo-Nazis – “Charlottesville is what happens when the Left empowers extremists.”

In Dallas, a black nationalist activist shot and killed 5 police officers at a Black Lives Matter anti-police rally. Instead of condemning BLM, Barack Obama defended a racist hate group whose role model is Assata Shakur, a wanted black nationalist cop killer, at the funerals of the murdered officers.

The left killed civil rights and replaced it with black nationalism.
racism is a two-way street. So is violence. Extremists feed into each other.

You can’t legitimize one form of racism without legitimizing all of them. The media may advance this hypocritical position. Obama used the shameful “reverse racism” euphemism that distinguishes between black and white racism. But propaganda and spin don’t change the physics of human nature.
A civil society depends on a consensus. ‘Racism is bad’ is an example of such a consensus. If you normalize black nationalism, you will get more white nationalism. If you normalize leftist street violence against Trump supporters, you will also get more street violence against leftists.

Extremists want to eliminate the consensus of civil society. They want to destroy the idea that there’s any solution except violence through confrontations that show the helplessness of civil society.
If Democrats really want to stop the rise of Neo-Nazi violence, there’s a very easy way. Stop normalizing black nationalism and the Alt-Left. End the racist witch hunts for white privilege. Make it clear that street violence is unacceptable and that racism is bad no matter who it comes from. Allow people you disagree with to express their views without trying to destroy their lives.

But that’s the opposite of what the Dems will do. They don’t want fewer Neo-Nazis; they want more of them. They don’t want fewer attacks like Charlottesville and Charleston. They want more of them.
Uncomfortable compromises are how we learn to live with each other. It means that there can be memorials of Robert E. Lee and streets named after Malcolm X. Tolerating people whose views we don’t like is one of the best ways to marginalize domestic extremists. When one set of extremists is empowered to wipe out the other, we end up with a civil war. Just ask Edmund Ruffin and John Brown.
The Bill of Rights is an uncomfortable compromise. It says that we have to put up with people we don’t like. The Democrats, under the influence of the left, are rejecting that idea. But that goes both ways too.
Democrats need to take an honest look at the street violence in Seattle, in Portland, in Berkeley and Charlottesville, and decide if this is what they really want. If they don’t, it’s time for them to stop normalizing left-wing extremism. If they do, then they are to blame for the next Dallas or Charlottesville.

Meanwhile, Bill Kristol is sick about Trump’s condemning violence even though Obama celebrating violent movements and their leaders (like BLM) didn’t move him. Instapundit cites several other essays making a point similar to Greenfield’s, the point that people like Kristol seem to miss or even appear to want to aggravate as a ‘good thing’ to not get sick over.

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