A chill wind is blowing under the blanket of privacy and defamation.

There is a chill wind that threatens to force us inside. The need to avoid this wind is cited as a need for privacy and an inadequate protection against defamation.

The Anchoress notes this in the post Tim Robbins’ “chill wind” blows via Pelosi et al.

watch out for those grey areas. There be monsters. And um…mediating intelligences who know what you ought to be allowed to know much better than you do.

It is in the nuance, the “grey areas” that the debate continues. The door is seldom either open or closed. The salesman has his toe in the door and the potential customer struggles to prevent him from opening it any further. We have to respect the rights of others to say their piece as we may learn something – that salesman may be trying to sell us something we need. But we don’t need to tolerate those trying to sell us something we do not need or want through unscrupulous tactics.

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