Head thumping

Cheryl K. Chumley: Eric Trump’s head-thumping call to conservatives – “Eric Trump said on national television in an interview on Fox News that one of his biggest wishes was for someone to start fighting for his father.”

Republicans need to get a grip and start realizing that Trump, believe it or not, represents the will of the people. Those who can’t see their way to that conclusion are likely, very likely, going to face voter upset come re-election. Simply put, conservatives don’t take kindly to Republicans who side with Democrats.

Robert W. Merry: When the nation is caught in a vise – “Collusion or no collusion, American politics has moved into a dangerous realm without precedent.”

If stealthy maneuvering, selected leaks, media firestorms, manufactured outrage, and Javert-like prosecutorial zeal can bring down a president based on revelations having nothing to do with the initial allegations, then American politics has moved into a new and dangerous realm — dangerous for any president and dangerous for the republic.

Such precedents have a way of eroding past practices that gave stability to the nation’s politics.

The Wall Street Journal’s Kimberley Strassel calls it a “so-far scant case against Mr. Trump.”

So it is. And yet he finds himself in what conservative commentator Patrick Buchanan calls “a kill box from which there may be no bloodless exit.”

More significant is the question of how the Trump constituency will handle it in the event of an impeachment crisis unrelated to the initial suspicion of collusion.

 It isn’t difficult to see the narrative that would emerge among these people if the elites manage to keep events moving along the current trajectory through stealthy actions in Washington. The polarization besetting the nation will likely intensify. The juices of frustration, animosity, and rancor will flow with greater force than ever. The day of restorative politics will seem ever more distant.

But how does a nation caught in such a vise turn back from such an ominous course?

Brian C. Joondeph: Is Trump-Russia collusion Drumbeat Pushing US into Another Cold War? – “It’s becoming a McCarthyism redux, the 1950s all over again with a Soviet communist under every rock and behind every tree.”

This time it is being led by Democrats and the media, not by a Republican Senator. Not only were lives and careers destroyed, but a sense of paranoia developed against the Soviets. Much of it was justified as the Soviets were America’s geopolitical foe.

But the paranoia and communist obsession may have also driven US foreign policy including the Bay of Pigs and the Vietnam War. Our leaders make decisions based in part on national sentiment, including toward foreign adversaries.

How ironic that it’s the Democrats recreating another cold war after cozying up the Russians during the last one.

Resurrecting the cold war is a dangerous path given potential consequences and the myriad other problems America faces that won’t get their deserved attention.

Renee Garfinkel: Climate change: It’s not just for liberals anymore – A false narrative is taking the position as a religious truth where actual reality is shoved aside – and this one is complete with a picture of a starving infant.

We can no longer afford to ignore the relationship between an overheating, parched environment and global political issues. … Responding to climate change is a religious imperative. … The faiths that inspire us with a vision of nature in the fabled Garden of Eden are now calling upon us to act to protect what’s left of the garden.

Even more important is the commandment prohibiting false witness. For obstinate false witness like the ‘hot summer in some spots spells doom’ thing, consider JK Rowling refusing to correct her lie about Trump. She did succumb after the pressure mounted. One has to wonder just how much ‘pressure’ is needed for the climate alarmists.

Ben Botkin: NV Energy moves to comply with law encouraging homeowners to invest in solar – It’s a regressive tax that hits the poor most and it’s based on a false ideology. The law is deceptive in that it hides its impact in flowery words. The power company is now forced to pay nearly full retail prices and forced to accept any offering imposed on it. That “isn’t expected to increase customers’ overall electrical bills” ?? How can that be when the power company could otherwise just pay wholesale and then only when it needed it?

The law aims to reverse lower rates paid to net metering customers for the excess electricity they generate. Those lower rates took effect in 2016, stifling the rooftop solar industry’s growth in Nevada.

Brian Tomlinson: Death Throes in Venezuela – “Notwithstanding how the majority voted, Maduro continued with his quest to consolidate more power with the unwanted election.”

Even though there were many actions taken by Maduro’s government to thwart this election, 7.6 million people voted in this country of 30 million people. About 98% of the vote was for no new constitution. Furthermore, people voted that the armed forces should enforce the constitution and that the National Assembly not be changed.

Thomas Lifson: Time for the GOP to teach the Democrats a scandal lesson – “Why do Republicans in D.C. act like a battered spouse, allowing Democrats to continually impugn their motives and decency?”

Through the sort of passivity and weak-mindedness that leads bruised women to claim they fell down the stairs, Republicans let themselves be bamboozled into accepting, via recusal, the definition of the first period (at least) of the Trump presidency as an age of scandal.

The old injunction that we should be careful what we wish for needs to be brought home to the Democrats and the Deep Staters seeking to oust President Trump from the office to which voters elected him.

Victor Davis Hanson addresses the questions I just raised in an article published at American Greatness, titled “Republicans and the Lost Art of Deterrence.”

Following the Lifson VDH referral – “in contemporary Republican La-La Land, the party in power with control over all three branches of government allows its minority-status opponents to dictate the rules of special investigations and inquiry.”

Is naiveté the cause of such laxity? … Or is the culprit civil dissension among the ranks, as the congressional leadership secretly has no real incentive to help the despised outsider Trump? … Or is the empowerment of progressive conspiracy-mongering due to fear of the mainstream media, … Or, lastly, is the cause a bewildering misreading of human nature?

Reestablishing deterrence—or what a mellifluous constitutional scholar and recent Nobel Peace Laureate once variously called “taking a gun to a knife fight,” “getting in their faces,” and “punishing our enemies”—is not quite Old Testament eye-for-an-eye, but rather, given human nature, the only way to stop a progressive and media lynch mob.

In the old West, a sheriff did not save those falsely accused in his jail by walking outside to the street to calm an armed and frenzied hanging mob through reason and appeals to sobriety.

In cold war terms, it is to establish MAD or mutually assured destruction as deterrence to nuclear war. Eric Trump’s plea and Merry’s Vise are at play here with the voters watching.

Sally Zelikovsky: Trump’s Game of Stones – “Trump is proving every day that he will not turn the other cheek, take the high road, or ignore left-wing attacks, accusations, and invective.”

It’s fifty years on for the Doors’ Light My FireJohn Hinderaker notesIt was the Doors’ first and biggest hit, and one of the classics of that, or any other, musical era. “Light My Fire” features one of the most famous keyboard riffs in rock history. The only challenger I can think of is the Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun,” but maybe I am forgetting something from more recent decades.” He cites a 1998 NPR Terry Gross interview of Manzarek “who was a very smart guy.”

Rush Limbaugh, noting the start of the 30th year of his show, says it’s his 50th in his career, too.

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