Beating that dead horse

Wesley Pruden: Another dead horse, another beating – “Dead horses are useless to most folks, but Democrats, rendering plants and certain newspapers are determined to follow the stink.”

The magpie media just can’t let go of the Trump-Russian collusion story, no matter how many unearthed horses turn out to be dead. Maybe there really is the story of the century lurking in the shadow of Donald Trump, but this one ain’t it. The New York Times used to be better than this.

John Sexton: Professor Weinstein’s sin: He stepped outside the progressive bubble and spoke to Tucker Carlson – “Weinstein was asked a total of five questions and points out that none of his answers were particularly inflammatory. What did happen though was a big uptick in the number of people outside the campus bubble who saw what was actually happening at Evergreen.”

Zimmerman concludes the piece by noting that there were reasonable, rational people on the right who contacted Weinstein after his Fox News appearance to tell him that, while they disagreed with his politics, they appreciated his tone and his approach. Zimmerman writes, “Real connections with people were forged and those connections improved understanding.”

There’s a certain irony in the fact that a faculty heavily engaged in social criticism of all kinds was unable to criticize even the worst behavior when it took place among their own little corner of society. Instead, they attacked the one person who dared to step outside the campus bubble and say what was obvious to everyone else: Something was badly amiss at Evergreen College.

Beclowning Nevada. Ed Morrissey: Nevada governor: State of emergency over a massive shortage of … – “In other words, Nevada is about to declare a state of emergency over a lack of marijuana — and are doing so for the children. Man, I never thought I’d hear that argument.”

Jazz Shaw: Media gears up to combat voting integrity laws – “These arguments have long since sunk to the level of tiresome nonsense. It’s yet another case where we see liberals fighting against something which would hopefully reduce crime. How anyone with a pro-crime platform can continue to attract as many voters as they seem to do remains a mystery for the ages.” and then there’s San Francisco and California take additional steps toward lawlessness – “Clearly San Francisco is upping their game when it comes to defying the law here.”

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