Indifference or dishonoring God?

Tammy Bruce: The alarming indifference of liberals – “Obama and Democrats are mute when it comes to violence against conservatives.” The truth is percolating.

The Federalist reported, “More use of the Wayback Machine shows the same trend for The New York Times’ website front page. One week after the attack on Giffords, five stories front-page. One week after the attack on Scalise, ‘what to cook this week’ and how to get jobs for the wives of jihadis. Nothing on Scalise. Not even on gun control.”

But this isn’t surprising, it’s typical for liberals. Democrats and their weasels in media have perfected the art of denial and lies. During Barack Obama’s eight years as president, obfuscating was standard operating procedure when facing facts was bad news for Democrats and reality exposed them for the frauds that they are.

ISIS? A JV team. Benghazi? A YouTube video. Obamacare? You can keep your plan, doctor and hospital. The IRS? Not even a smidgen of corruption. The economy? Shovel-ready jobs and summers of recovery.

But it’s not just the media that’s decided to pay no mind to the attempted massacre of Republicans by a volunteer for Sen. Bernie Sanders and fan of TV host Rachel Maddow. Mr. Obama is demonstrating for all of his fans that ignoring it is the way to go.

About that “art of denial and lies” … J. Christian Adams: Democrats’ sudden concern for election integrity – “Russian hacking has become an argument for renewing federal oversight.” Studies are indicating that the claim that voter fraud is insignificant are misplaced and that the source is very close to home for the Left. Therefore a distraction and diversion is needed.

When the Democratic Party and its deep-state allies’ favorite anti-Trump columnist begins to sour on the promise of a Russian collusion probe, it is time to start looking for a consolation prize. Based on the overnight interest in all things voting security, they seem to have found a new hobby horse.

For more than a decade, any person who honestly spoke about their sincerely held concerns regarding “election integrity” was summarily branded as a partisan fabulist upset by the fact that non-white voters could turn out in greater numbers.

Now, the left is trying to corner the market.

The establishment left is not letting a good crisis go to waste.

Instead of focusing on the foundational matter of how best to maintain the content of our voter registration systems, we are witnessing the beginning of a leftist regression — where the only solution worthy of discussion is how election powers are better centralized in Washington.

Jonah Goldberg: The Left Espouses Dangerously Stupid Health-Care Rhetoric – “Democrats will say anything to keep Obama’s health-care “win” — even if it means calling their colleagues murderers.”

Earlier this month a political zealot went to a baseball practice intending to kill as many Republican congressmen as he could. As often happens after such horrible events, various politicians and media figures suggested that we should tone down the rhetoric and not paint everything in apocalyptic terms, casting Republicans or Democrats as villains with traitorous or evil intent in their hearts. Words have consequences, they sagely said into the TV cameras.

Two weeks later, many of the very same people are describing Republicans as murderers for proposing changes to Medicaid.

Also Allahpundit: Pelosi: Let’s face it, this Republican health-care bill dishonors God – “deep thoughts from a self-described devout Catholic with a 100 percent rating from NARAL.”

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