Sally Persons points out how the Democrats are still fixated on Russia. Jeh Johnson: Trump administration showing acceptance of Russian interference in U.S. elections – “Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Friday that the Trump administration’s reluctance to address the Russian interference shows acceptance of a foreign power meddling in U.S. elections.” What is coming to the sunlight, though, is that the Russians weren’t the issue in the election and that Trump is right. Again. IBD goes over the history: Did Votes By Noncitizens Cost Trump The 2016 Popular Vote? Sure Looks That Way – “Late in 2016, we created a stir by suggesting that Donald Trump was likely right when he claimed that millions of noncitizens had illegally voted in the U.S. election.”

Last November, just weeks after his Electoral College win that gave him the presidency, then President-elect Donald Trump tweeted, “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

The reaction was angry and swift, with the left accusing him of being an “internet troll” and of hatching a “Twitter-born conspiracy theory.”

At the time, we noted that a group called True The Vote, an online anti-voter-fraud website, had claimed that illegals had cast three million votes last year. The media and left-wing groups immediately portrayed True The Vote as a fringe group with little credibility.

The only problem is, a study in 2014 in the online Electoral Studies Journal made a quite similar claim

The bombshell was this: “Noncitizen votes likely gave Senate Democrats the pivotal 60th vote needed to overcome filibusters in order to pass health care reform and other Obama administration priorities in the 111th Congress.”

It got little coverage in the mainstream media, and what coverage it did get was almost entirely dismissive.

Foreign governments harassing elections is a standard thing and there are protections in place for this. Political parties have also always done things to sway the vote, some proper and some not. It appears that the ‘some not’ has reached new levels in recent elections with the efforts to get out the vote from illegal aliens as well as the efforts to get voting rights for felons. Trying to whitewash hese improper efforts is why there is so much focus on the ‘Russians Did It’ conspiracy theorizing.

On other dishonesty, IBT says Critics Of The Senate Health Bill Aren’t Playing Fair – “As soon as the details emerged, critics of the Senate bill point to the various ways that it wasn’t as good as ObamaCare.”

These criticisms are all based on a false premise: That ObamaCare is sustainable in its current form.

It isn’t.

As industry expert Robert Laszewski writes, “There isn’t any such thing as a binary choice between keeping or replacing ObamaCare. The insurance exchanges are untenable in their current form.”

But whatever flaws are in this particular bill, or in whatever emerges in the end, the GOP has no choice but to repeal ObamaCare and try something new. And given the fact that ObamaCare is imploding, they can be much bolder in their reforms than they are being.

John Sexton: Ayaan Hirsi Ali on why Senators Kamala Harris and Claire McCaskill ignored her at last week’s hearing – “Perhaps Senators Heitkamp, Harris, Hassan and McCaskill are simply uninterested in sexism and misogyny. But obviously, given their outspoken support of critical women’s issues, such as the kidnapping of girls in Nigeria and campus sexual assault, that’s far from the case.”

No, what happened that day was emblematic of a deeply troubling trend among progressives when it comes to confronting the brutal reality of Islamist extremism and what it means for women in many Muslim communities here at home and around the world. When it comes to the pay gap, abortion access and workplace discrimination, progressives have much to say. But we’re still waiting for a march against honor killings, child marriages, polygamy, sex slavery or female genital mutilation…

There is a real discomfort among progressives on the left with calling out Islamic extremism.

Scott Johnson: Mueller’s empire – “President Trump is now in a death struggle with Robert Mueller and James Comey. That’s the conclusion I draw from former Assistant United States Attorney Andrew McCarthy’s gimlet-eyed American Greatness column “Mueller’s empire.”

Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein fundamentally violates the applicable regulation …

Therefore: “Mueller’s probe is the functional equivalent of a general warrant: a boundless writ to search for incriminating evidence. It is the very evil the Fourth Amendment was adopted to forbid: a scorch-the-earth investigation in the absence of probable cause that a crime has been committed.”

One reads McCarthy’s column with a deep sense of foreboding. To understand the legal component of Trump’s ordeal — to understand the nature of the train that is coming down the tracks toward Trump — McCarthy’s column is mandatory reading.

There is a war in front of us.

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