Generals, Forgotten Wars, Fake Talking Points, and Gentrification Entrepreneurism

VDH: Trump and his generals – “Entrusting national security to military pros is a win for the country.”

Gens. Mattis, McMaster and Kelly must know that few other presidents would have taken the heat to entrust three military men to guide national security policy. And even if another president did, he might not empower them with anything like their president latitude.

In that regard, the three generals are beholden to Mr. Trump for a historic opportunity to shape America’s security posture in ways impossible during the last half-century.

On the other hand, Mr. Trump must recognize that such generals lend credibility to his role as commander in chief and signal that he is wise enough to value merit over politics.

At least for now, it is a win-win-win solution for Mr. Trump, the generals — and the country.

Janet Levy: The Forgotten War that Changed American History – a review of Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates (Sentinel, 2015) by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger. The Barbary Wars are about the founding of the U.S. Navy in response to piracy on the seas rationalized by Islamic extremism. Levy will get you started with a comprehensive over-view.

Ace found a Good Explanation of Why Tossoff Lost – “In short, they’re starting to realize the left has declared solemn war on them, and they’re waking up to that awful reality, and the inescapable consequences of it.” Could this be true?

Kareb Weise: Reno Is Starting to Look More Like Silicon Valley – “Run-the-robots jobs at Tesla’s Gigafactory and elsewhere are turning the city into a hipster haven.”

The telltale signs of gentrification in Reno are creeping in. Thousands throng to the weekly Food Truck Fridays near downtown, dudes play cornhole while sipping cold brew coffee at a cafe by the river, and a local bartender can’t quite keep track of the number of craft breweries. Kristen Jaskulski opened Sol, a Polynesian kava bar, a few months ago and says the business is hitting its stride. The hipster scene helps young workers imagine moving to Reno, and those who can land these new kinds of factory jobs tend to have cash to spend once they arrive.

Charles C. W. Cooke: FBI Report on Alexandria Quietly Debunks the Gun-Controllers’ Talking Points – “It is devastating to the idea that the gun-control measures presently coveted by the Democratic party would have done something to prevent the attack.” The story provides an example about why it is that an honest debate seems to be so difficult.

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