Unity and symmetry

Dennis Prager: If A Trump Supporter Had Shot A Democratic Congressman – “From the moment Donald Trump was elected president, America has been drowning in left-wing hysteria, all fomented by the media and the Democratic Party.”

If Democrats had been shot by a Trump supporter, all you would be hearing and reading about is how much hate the Trump election has unleashed in America, how his election is threatening our democracy and how he is unleashing fascism.

But it was a not a Trump supporter who attempted to murder a Democratic congressman, Capitol Police officers, a House GOP aide and a lobbyist; it was a Trump-hating leftist who attempted to murder a Republican congressman and other Republican officials. And, for that reason, what would have been the dominant issue in America today is already a nonissue.

Republicans have accepted the post-shooting narrative of there being some sort of moral equivalence between right-wing and left-wing hate. That they have reinforces my belief that the great majority of Republicans and conservatives, whether in politics or in the media, do not appreciate how rotten the left is (the left — not traditional liberals). Many really believe that calls for “harmony” and “unity” with Democrats and the left are meaningful.

Even during the three-day “harmony” period, the left was busy furthering the falsehood that there is quantitative and qualitative equivalence between right-wing and left-wing hate.

The difference between what has happened after these shootings and what would have happened had a right-winger shot Democratic officials is, in a nutshell, the moral difference between the left and the right; and between Democrats and Republicans.

Austin Bay: A Democrat-controlled House would overturn the election and impeach Trump

Calculating the number of congressional Republicans hard left terrorist James T. Hodgkinson could have murdered on his baseball diamond battlefield reveals a megalomaniacal political scheme that may have inspired his savage assault: a history-altering Capitol Hill coup d’état within the electoral system.

Even if Hodgkinson didn’t see this possibility with clarity, his murder spree had this evil potential. Extremist Democrats have touted every single mid-term election as a political opportunity. The races for House seats in Montana and Georgia are two examples.

However, what Hodgkinson wanted to do with bullets, hostile mainstream media in league with the Democratic Party and anti-Trump Deep State bureaucrats seek to do with relentless fake news, relentless legal shenanigans and relentless political theater.

At the bottom line they want to overturn a legitimate election. So did Hodgkinson, the Progressive Terrorist. Hodgkinson belongs to them. And now they own him.

Allahpundit: Democratic strategist: “Hunt Republican congressmen” – “This guy’s been working overtime on Twitter since the Scalise shooting to discredit his own side.”

Mentioning Palin is how you know this is a troll, I think. He could have found dozens of fringe examples of random Republicans saying irresponsible things during the Obama years to tu-quoque but instead insisted on pointing to a famous case which even liberals have been forced to admit doesn’t fit this narrative

MSNBC host Joy Reid sent Steve Scalise a little “unity” candygram while he was fighting for life in the hospital. The message here isn’t as overtly “he had it coming” as Devine’s is, but…

And there are still ‘distinguished pundits’ who haven’t quite grasped what it means when these hypotheticals about putting the shoe on the other foot are being used for comparison and contrast. 

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