A slow moving coup.

Jared E. Peterson: Mueller’s Real Mandate – “The Washington D.C. nomenklatura advanced forward last week with its slow-moving coup d’état against America’s constitutionally elected President.”

As of, today, Monday June 19, 2017, here is where matters stand for the President of the United States:

Though constitutionally and decisively elected to office, President Trump must carry out his duties — that include sole responsibility for protecting the American homeland in a world where North Korea fires missiles every month and Islamic fanatics commit atrocities on a near daily basis — while a former FBI Director, unrestrained by budget, personnel, duration of authority, or substantive area of inquiry, deliberately harasses, hounds, and distracts him and his appointed officials while attempting to find something — after last week, apparently anything — that could be twisted into a warrant for the President’s impeachment and removal from office.

How did the American Republic come to this ridiculously self-destructive pass?

Even in a country whose legal system has been as debased by politics as ours, it’s simple prosecutorial ethics that a massive and in itself damaging investigation into an allegation should be turned loose only when the charges are specific and after at least some evidentiary cause to believe they are true has been adduced.

Both specificity and evidence were completely absent at the time of the Rosenstein appointment.

VDH: Trump’s Way Out of the Progressive Labyrinth – “Since January 2017, the Congress ceased being a legislative body. It is now a Star-chamber court determined to decapitate the presidency.”

In every single week of the Trump presidency, the investigators and attorneys of FBI Director James Comey or, subsequently, of special counsel Robert Mueller, have leaked information that President Donald Trump was under investigation for either colluding with the Russians or obstructing justice—allegations so far without any substantiating evidence.

Never in the history of the republic have there been so many legislative and political simultaneous efforts to 1) sabotage the Electoral College, 2) sue to overturn the presidential vote in key swing states, 3) boycott the Inauguration, 4) systematically block presidential appointments, 5) surveille, unmask, and leak classified or privileged information about the elected president, 6) nullify federal law at the state and local level, 7) sue to remove the president by invoking the Emoluments Clause, 8) declare Trump unfit under the 25th Amendments, 9) demand recusals from his top aides, 10) cherry-pick sympathetic judges to block presidential executive orders, 11) have a prior administration’s residual appointees subvert their successor, and 12) promise impending impeachment.

And that is only the political effort to remove the president.

But can Trump survive the incessant onslaught, as the street, the progressive party and the media ratchet up their collective subversions month by month? Is there any way out of the progressive labyrinth?

Trump can find his way out of the progressive maze, if he presses ahead with his legislative agenda, keeps hammering away on the economy, and establishes the precedent that the Obama administration and its supporters and appointees, between January 2016 and January 2017, were far more likely to have broken federal statutes than Donald Trump.

Only legislative momentum, economic growth, and political deterrence can free Trump from the always expanding Alinskyite labyrinth.

A 45 year grudge continues to surface. David Landau: The Frenzied Last Act Of The Watergate Brigade – “For half a lifetime, political radicals have been crossing a desert. Three decades ago, the collapse of communism and the destruction of the Berlin Wall turned them into orphans of history.” And now they are trying to build skyscrapers on foundations of sand.

Today, the leftist core is in reach of a most improbable political victory. It’s been able to get there by reprising the events of 45 years ago in which the Washington establishment, led by news media, unseated a president.

Watergate was the real American insurgency—a hundred times more vital or lasting than any other movement of the time.

For many in the media, the sheer intoxication of that event is still a living thing. “Watergate lust” has created another outlet in the campaign against Trump’s presidency.

Commentators have already espoused the idea that the current crisis is Watergate-sized—or even bigger.

As a journalistic eye-witness to the real Watergate, this writer can attest that the comparison is false in an almost total degree. But a powerful human emotion is on the field, and not to be ignored. It is nostalgia—the sentiment of a mature man who could never get past being captain of his college football team.

You don’t have to read very far to see that, for the people at those journals, candidate Trump was not simply guilty as charged; he was guilty before being charged.

Whatever this thing is, it’s not Watergate.

Here’s another difference. Nixon’s offenses were concrete; they were made known, and could be balanced against Nixon’s virtues in the long view of history.

The storm-clouds over this president have a real air of the drumhead about them. If this process does not get clean, and fast, we could easily wind up with something far worse than Watergate: a show trial that shows nothing, and breaks the republic for good.

John Hinderaker cites David Horowitz: Have the Never Trumpers No Shame? – “This piece by David Horowitz appears first on Power Line. I share his sentiments entirely.”

Throughout the six months of Trump’s embattled presidency one can only be struck by the failure of anti-Trumpers, both left and right, to acknowledge that a judgment of theirs may have been too hasty, not to say embarrassingly wrong. Yet to those not gripped by anti-Trump passions it seems obvious that there have been many such instances where second thoughts were in order.

I don’t expect that there will be apologies forthcoming for these injustices to Trump – and therefore to the American people whose security depends on him. At least not anytime soon. The campaign to sabotage and overthrow the Trump presidency through slanders will continue. And its modus operandi will remain unchanged: Whenever Trump is attacked by anti-Trump Democrats and Republicans, he himself will be held responsible for the attacks, “his own worst enemy.” Whenever a blow is delivered to his presidency – and through his presidency to the American people – “he brought it on himself.”

Expectations, propaganda, and fantasy.

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