Teasing the bear

The case of the six friends (via CAIR) of a recently elected representative is an interesting story about teasing the bear. This is what children do when they want to see what they can get away with. They push the limits and see how far they can go before they are noticed and before any action is taken. This is also what terrorists do to sound out security measures so they know the boundaries they can avoid in order to carry out their plans. It is also what some people are doing to try to win propadanda wars, gain sympathy, and discredit those they do not like.

The Now Notorious Flying Imams Claim Their Only Crime Was “Flying While Muslim,” But Our Exclusive Reporting Reveals They Are Trying to Sweep Their Real Motives Under Their Prayer Rugs

The Pajamas Media Exclusive: Police Report, Passenger Reveals That Flying Imams Were Up to No Good tells the real story with a link to the official police report. More than three hours of care was taken by authorities. Allegations made in support of those removed from the flight are shown to be spurious.

The problem with testing limits is that it removes trust. When there is not trust that individuals will exercise responsible behavior then it taints all relationships. In this case, those trying to establish base motives of authorities only show to their fellows on the airplane that mistrust is warranted and must be directed in just such a way the supposed victims decry.

Other muslims on the plane did show what is necessary to build trust rather destroy it. Let us hope that their example will spread and that those who tease the bear can be properly isolated as individuals who must be harshly informed of their malfeasance and its implications.

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