Wheels within wheels

Special Counsel Mueller is being played and Sundance says Never Underestimate The Severity of James Comey’s Manipulative Intent… – “There are times when it becomes important, perhaps very important, to emphasize inherent angles and intentions that breed within the scheme.”

James Comey is setting up Special Counsel Mueller as fruit of a poisoned tree Comey would have you believe he planted. He didn’t; but his future interests are served in having us believe he did.

These ‘after-the-fact-words‘, spoken before congress, are framed as James Comey setting up an explanation and reference point for the appointment of his “friend”, Robert Mueller. However, these are also the Machiavellian words of Comey trying to diminish the risk inherent in Robert Muellers investigation.

Fired Comey has no way of knowing how deep the investigation may go. Nor does James Comey know the severity of disposition amid those within the FBI ranks who saw and experienced his true, manipulative and self-serving character.

Therefore, the easiest way to remove risk is to corrode the foundation for the underlying investigative construct by deteriorating support for the investigation itself.

It is beginning to be noticed as a pattern. This time, the fruits of Comey’s efforts are discussed by Byron York: Is Robert Mueller conflicted in Trump probe? – “central to those allegations — the key witness — will be the prosecutor’s good friend, the now-aggrieved former FBI director.”

It’s somewhat ironic, no? I mean, the whole purpose of the special counsel is to have a prosecutor from outside the government and outside of the normal chain of command because inherent conflicts render the Justice Department incapable of handling it. So, now the special counsel is a close friend (mentor/mentee relationship) with the star witness, who by his own admission leaked the memos at least in part to engineer the appointment of a special counsel. Only in Washington. You can’t make this stuff up.

Jazz Shaw: (Video) Florida sheriff urges people to arm up and prepare. Outrage ensues – “Sheriff Wayne Ivey has … drawn national attention for a new video which his department released this month, encouraging people to arm themselves and learn how to fight to protect their own lives and families in the event of a spontaneous terror attack such as we’ve been seeing around the globe. It’s about six minutes long and is quite well produced, so give it a look.”

Even if he’s not insisting everyone have guns, the anti-gun groups can’t stand to hear about anyone suggesting fighting back. Sheriff Ivey seems to have clear eyes when it comes to the possibility of an attack by jihadist forces, but not quite so much when it comes to the home front. Perhaps he should have kept one other old adage from Sun Tzu in mind. “If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles… if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”

John Hinderaker: Anti-Fascist Fascists: A Sign of the Times – “the antifa movement actually exists. I know it exists because antifas keep starting fights.”

The antifas have adopted the age-old trick of calling themselves the opposite of what they are. In reality, they are Brownshirts, fascists. They attack lawful demonstrations, they don black masks and throw bricks through store windows, they assault political opponents when they have them outnumbered and police officers when they think they can get away with it.

The antifas think they are street fighting men, but in fact they fall considerably short. They apparently want a civil war, but I doubt that they are serious. The Democrats started one civil war, and it didn’t end well for them. The current generation of pajama boys would fare much worse.

And then there a couple of states suing the President because he has the audacity to own businesses ….

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