Another little bit of disingenuousness

There is the obsession with casualties, day by day, drip by drip. Just watch SF Gate for example. Another measure has been discovered by these folks: the idea that the war in Iraq has not gone on longer than WW II. What makes this newest measure disingenuous? Jay Tea explains in full on his blog.

The foil is a Michael Moore e-mail. The crux of the issue is that “Mr. Moore is conflating the major combat parts with the occupation and rebuilding.” This gets back to the related “mission accomplished” carrier thing that bothers the Moore crowd so much.

The fact is that the war in Iraq took only 3 weeks and the U.S. suffered only minor casualties. Since then, in the occupation and rebuilding phase, the military casuallty count has been comparable to home base accident rates, significant governance progress has been made, and much of the neglected infrastructure has been rebuilt.

But there are those who are determined to make a failure out of a success, just like they have done before. They do not learn the lessons about the human suffering that results when the U.S. looses it will to win. They only see the costs and not the benefits. They take every disagreement and turn it into accusations of failure or incompetence. They take every incident and find the black side. They show that the true struggle is not the one in Iraq but rather the one at home. The one that involves morality, culture, intellectual integrity, freedom, and liberty.

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