Days of rage

Roger L. Simon: Colbert, Trump, and the Roots of Liberal/Progressive Rage – “I have never seen America so angry — and I’ve been around for a while.”

Donald Trump got elected — seemingly a calamity equal to, if not greater than, the Vietnam War.

Since his inauguration, and to a great extent before, the whole country has gone more or less berserk.
And yet the rage is, if anything, greater and more consistent than it was during Vietnam. How do we explain that?

I don’t think we have a choice but to say the explanation is in the realm of human neurosis, not politics. And make that pretty severe neurosis, almost psychosis.
These people are using the pretense of socialism to cover up their love of the most rapacious capitalism. They hate Trump because he exposes them. His unabashed and unashamed capitalism and obvious riches are what they seek, but don’t want to admit to themselves or others. Otherwise they would have to face what they are and stop pretending to “goodness.” It’s about the virtue signaling or what I have elsewhere called moral narcissism (really the psychological motivation for virtue signaling).

And H. Clinton has made it official. Rather than retire to the ‘elder statesman’ role she has decided to claim joining the Resistance to destroy the Government and the Country.

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