David French says Trump’s MOAB Drop Triggered a Tweet You Need to Read — “Excessive American caution has cost American lives and American limbs, and it has left families and friends of the victims with deep psychological wounds.”

He doesn’t say he authorized the use of the bomb itself. He says he authorizes the military. This is a key, wise, statement — one that hopefully empowers the military to act from a proper position of legal, moral, and political strength. 

There’s another essay in the same direction by Conrad Black: A Secular Good Friday Came Early — “Trump has therefore managed to cover all the bases with a simple military exercise that put no Americans at risk.”

Domestically, the sane Democrats, who have not scrambled their brains chasing the itinerant party base to the left in hot pursuit of Bernie Sanders, recognize that it was a well-measured and unimpetuous gesture to deal with a moral outrage. It was, in its way, the most faultless intervention in the Middle East since President Eisenhower’s magnificent intervention in Lebanon in 1958
It was a tour de force for Donald Trump, sending Assad a message, meeting the Chinese president, and confirming Judge Gorsuch on the same day. In the secular calendar, Good Friday came a week early.

Leadership makes a difference as it diffuses throughout an organization — or a country. There has been a change and its effects are being felt, seen and appreciated.

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