Four Ten is not Ten Four, Good Buddy. Whoda’ Boss? A matter of style in leadership

Rowan Scarborough provides an analysis that is about leadership style. The image he paints is a near reverse of what is proclaimed in the Left’s Propaganda. Unlike Obama, Trump defers to generals’ advice on military strategy – “The same President Trump who can be gruff and erratic in public tweets is a commander in chief who is deferential and attentive when he talks to a star-studded cast of his closest military advisers.”

People familiar with the budding relationships portray Mr. Trump as often in listening mode among his generals and as accessible as the next phone call. They contrast the billionaire real estate developer’s affinity for the top brass with former President Barack Obama’s documented standoffishness.

But they share the body clock of a president who sleeps only several hours a day as well as a disdain for political correctness.

“No. 1, they get along very well,” said the former officer. “I call it street sense. They know how to talk the line, and Trump does too. Trump is like talking to a concrete worker. These two generals have got a man who listens and does not pretend like Obama and others to know everything.

Andrew Malcom opines about What Trump’s attack on Syria did – and did not – do.

Trump campaigned against U.S. military being a global policeman. This single strike doesn’t mean that’s changed. His justification was based on the paramount importance of U.S. national security. … But Trump’s action has also now become a new certainty that other international troublemakers must include in their assessments of American power.

Sundance says President Trump Calls Commanding Officers of Guided Missile Destroyers USS Porter and USS Ross…The Commander-in-Chief personally calls both commanders of the two missile destroyers who carried out the mission in Syria to thank them for their exceptional performance on mission. How cool is that?”

One thing about the U.S. is that it’s more likely California will go Venezuelan rather than the entire U.S. The IBD says Taxifornia Does It Again – “California’s far-left government has done it again. Not realizing its real problems are excessive spending on misplaced priorities, excessive taxes, too much debt and a far-too generous welfare state, its legislature working in cahoots with Gov. Jerry “tax-and-spend” Brown has pushed through the largest tax hike in state history.”

All told, the new taxes are expected to collect $5.2 billion a year.

Since 2004, California has lost more than 1 million people, representing a $26 billion net income loss.

Sure, right now, the state is enjoying a tech boom. But it won’t last. As wealthy taxpayers and businesses flee the state, who will pay all its bills? Even clever Jerry Brown hasn’t figured that out.

On the Healthcare issue, IBD brings up the lessons of history: A Guide To Repealing ObamaCare, Hidden In Plain Site – “As Republicans stumble around in search of a way to repeal ObamaCare, they should look to the states for answers. After all, several of them had to find solutions when their ObamaCare-like reforms started to fail.” This is fundamental to what is special about U.S. governance. Let the states do the experimenting. Let other states learn from what happened.


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