4/7/2017: Missiles and Barricades and Causes

In the Washington Times this morning Mercedes Schlapp says Nunes takes the high road as Democrats offer only obstruction – that’s all about the misuse of the Office on Congressional Ethics to pursue political gains. Stephen Dinan provides a history lesson as Schumer advances his crusade to make ideology the focus of Supreme Court nominations – that’s a crusade by Democrats to destroy the rule of law that is, of course, blamed on Republicans. Cheryl K. Chumley points out why Preet Bharara’s anti-Trump ‘diss a red flag on Obama holdovers – for the Left it is always a win/lose issue and they do not accept a reality such as the will of the voter as a loss. Steve Milloy says The EPA lied — nobody died. “The Environmental Protection Agency’s human experiment program exaggerated the danger of outdoor pollutants.” The Left will fabricate reality, if needed, to suit their desires. The EPA case parallels the climate effort. Anthony J. Sadar and Susan Z. Forney pick up on another front is this effort to impose the real world on the Left in The changing world of climate change – “With its rollback of climate rules, the Trump administration taps the brakes on the unsettled ‘settled science’.” Then there’s a report about a slapdown of an international crime that was specific, focused, and timely – components of any effective discipline. If that’s too much of a Right bias, there’s an essay by Donald Lambro that is full of doom and gloom FUD mongering about what is coming over the horizon to bite the President, and the U.S.A.

On that Syrian Strike, the howling is rather isolated. The Daily Mail notes that Hillary Clinton called for the US to toughen up its response to Assad’s atrocities just hours before Trump launched strikes on Syria – “Clinton reiterated how she had favored a tougher approach against Assad when she was Secretary of State.” They’ve also got Thank you, Mr Trump! First images of damage at Assad’s burnt-out airbase emerge as tearful Syrians cheer US missile raid – “US missiles appear to have shattered hangars, destroyed at least nine Syrian jets, weapons and a fuel store, as well as leaving left giant craters in the runway at al-Shayrat military airfield near Homs.” … “Anti-Assad Syrians have been celebrating the strike after the horrific chemical weapons attack – critics in the country say that the US should be focussing on destroying ISIS.” Sundance has a report on the Clear and Concise Pentagon Statement on U.S. Missile Strike Against Shayrat Airfield in Syria… – “The U.S. is stating evidence that Bashir Assad did launch chemical weapons from this exact airbase, and Russia was willfully blind in their complicity.”

Meanwhile the New York Post opines that The filibuster war was all about Democrats’ excesses – “For all Democrats’ hyperbolic howls of outrage over Senate Republicans’ vote Thursday to “go nuclear” and end the filibuster for Supreme Court nominations, it is without question the left that has driven the “judge wars” to this point.”

And, no, Republicans didn’t help the cause of Senate comity by refusing even a hearing for Garland last year. But they were simply applying a standard — the “Biden rule,” after Sen. Joe Biden — that Democrats set long ago, when the shoe was on the other foot in the last year of Republican presidencies.

What the GOP has really done is ensure, as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, that there will no longer be two sets of standards: one for a Democratic president’s nominees and another for a Republican.

But J.M. Opal has a different view at Time: America Should Never Be ‘Great Again’ – “President Donald Trump is different. Unlike any of his forty-four predecessors, he does not even pretend to care about constitutional rules or official protocols. He has no need for facts or norms.” That is full TDS gone ‘round the bend’ with no regard for reality directly at hand. He even sees this but doesn’t recognize what he is saying.

More profoundly, we could see each other as flawed and vulnerable members of the same society, as civic brothers and sisters who are equally American. No longer dazed by frontier mythologies or blocked by Constitutional rules, we could think boldly and practically about a happier, more caring nation — one based on a new Bill of Rights, perhaps, or even on a new Constitution.

A similar, and related, delusion, is about how Shrieking Tantrum Throwing Titty Babies Score Another Awesome Victory Against Ever Saying Anything Even Mildly Clever [Warden] – “you might have missed this monstrous act of violence perpetrated against all women everywhere.” A jewelry store put up a billboard suggesting “Sometimes, it’s OK to throw rocks at girls” displaying some of their favorites (diamonds, rubies, emeralds, …).

Rather than apologize, they could have amped up the aggression by responding, “Well, we’re not too worried. The kind of people who lose their minds over an innocent turn of phrase aren’t our customer base–they’re far too ugly and hateful for any man to gift them with something so thoughtful and precious as fine jewelry, so we can safely ignore their tantrums.”

I’d lay down money that the response would have been largely positive and resulted in increased sales. People are fed up with all this chicken-shit bullying and, as Trump has shown us, these hypocritical scolds only have the power you grant them.

Keep in mind, there’s likely a high correlation between the population that is outraged over the billboard and the population that thinks it is OK to stone a woman to death in the mid-East because she offended her owner.

Ed Morrissey comments on Politico: Ivanka’s secret meeting with Planned Parenthood turned out as well as you’d expect – “Experienced politicians (and “advisers,” paid or not) recognize that Planned Parenthood does not operate on the principle of moderation. With pro-abortion groups like PP and NAF, you’re either a true believer, a heretic, or an apostate. They aren’t interested in back channels, especially not with Republican administrations. Ivanka did nothing but make herself a target for Richards et al.” There are many other examples, the SCOTUS nominee process being a glaring one right now. Not only is the line solid, anyone who dares think ‘moderation’ is going to get slimed and bullied.

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