3/31/2017: Exposure and painting oneself into a corner

New Crime in California: Performing Undercover Video Journalism While Not a Democrat by William A. Jacobson. “A message to non-Democrats who dare target a cherished liberal group like Planned Parenthood.”

For the most part, the mainstream media that uses similar undercover video tactics — which is how 60 Minutes made its name — has remained silent about this abuse of the criminal laws to target undercover investigations against a cherished liberal group like Planned Parenthood.

The L.A. Times, to its credit, calls out the blatant politics behind the move, Felony charges are a disturbing overreach for the duo behind the Planned Parenthood sting videos

The Wall Street Journal was more blunt: “If the videographers at the Center for Medical Progress had wanted to avoid prosecution, they should have secretly recorded conversations with Michael Flynn.”

The political move draped in the criminal law by the California Attorney General is a threat to investigative journalism everywhere, and by everyone.

On the front lines there are three items at the top of the stack. Tucker Carlson’s evisceration of a lefty prof is more than entertaining by Thomas Lifson notes that “A counter-narrative is building to the MSM’s constant Trump-hating. It is not that Trump is driven by hate (“Love Trumps Hate”), rather it is the left that is driven by hate – for America, especially the Trump-voting, America-loving, war-fighting parts of it.” Schumer and Schiff are doing their best to show that this counter-narrative is indeed truthful. Wesley Pruden: Girding Republican loins for the war – “Chuck Schumer, the leader who leads as if his minority is the majority, has set out to destroy the Gorsuch nomination by any means necessary.” Rep. Adam Schiff Responds To White House Challenge To Review Obama Surveillance…by sundance explains the conundrum Schiff faces now that he has been formally invited to the intelligence that he excoriated Nunez about.

The problem for Adam Schiff is the need to control (try to hide) the content that confirms surveillance of President-Elect Trump and his transition team. Simultaneous to that objective he needs to create/maintain a false narrative in a Russian Conspiracy.

In order for Schiff to maintain his public protestations, entirely based on politics, he must mislead about the rules and laws surrounding the intelligence product. Schiff must also keep the committee from seeing the full executive intelligence report that is concerning to Devin Nunes. The intelligence product is “Go8” level, but has the support of the NSA to share with the full committee.

Chairman Devin Nunes and the White House are holding the higher hand because they have the truth on their side and they are welcoming transparency and openness regarding the facts.

This is why the punditry is full of commentary about the process and not the content as can be seen in Schiff’s response to the White House invitation. Going after how the information surfaced is a diversion from what the information reveals.

There are few more items a bit farther down the stack. Biden is attempting to dismiss what is called the Biden Rule in regards to the SCOTUS nominee. The Democrats have used the hold on the Garland nomination, in accord with Biden’s 1992 assertions (and Schumer’s in 2007), as a grudge for revenge no matter the cost. Then Ed Morrissey says Price: You’d better believe Phase 2 is still on – “Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. The language in the Affordable Care Act created huge gaps in the statutes that defaulted many decisions to the agency in charge. Price reminded Congress of just how often it had surrendered its legislative authority in the passage of ObamaCare, and how much leeway he inherited as Secretary of Health and Human Services.”

Guy Benson notes a Point and laugh: Watch these lowlights of Democrats’ shameless filibuster hypocrisy

Two-and-a-half minutes of tear-your-hair-out hypocrisy from the usual suspects: Senate Democrats who were once highly enthusiastic about filibustering Bush nominees, who then lined up to abolish the practice they’d pioneered, passionately arguing that every nominee deserves an “up or down” vote — only to join a proposed filibuster to deny President Trump’s nominee…an up or down vote. This is great work by the Free Beacon’s David Rutz, showcasing painfully obvious evidence that many of these Senators are shameless, say-anything, bad-faith actors on this front. This whole spectacle is quite irritating on one level, but the double-standards at play are so ludicrous and ham-handedly executed that it’s tempting to laugh out loud at these people

Laugh out Loud and similar shaming are indeed in order as the alternatives are much, much worse. It’s what the Left tries to do. Case in point is Progressives are stunned Mike Pence chooses not to eat alone with women other than his wife by John Sexton – “There have been many silly controversies since the election but perhaps none sillier than lunch-gate. To be fair, no one is actually calling it that but quite a few people on the left seem unable to grasp Vice President Pence’s commitment to his wife. Specifically, he refuses to eat alone with women other than his wife and won’t attend events featuring alcohol unless she is there.” … “Every bit of this seems written to intentionally misunderstand Pence’s views, to compress things that are in no way alike into a false similarity and to mock Pence without even pausing to think about the issues.”

Meanwhile, the Vice President had to take the chair to approve the legislation overturning a regulation banning denial of Planned Parenthood funding. As with many other such bills going through Congress, this takes regulations promulgated by the Obama administration over the last few months off the table and makes it such that similar regulations cannot be implemented without Congressional approval. The Democrats are reaping what they sowed and the crop hasn’t been fully harvested yet.

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