3/30/2017: The nature of the struggle

Rowan Scarborough: How liberal professors are blackballing studies confirming Trump’s claim of voter fraud – There is the Russian Collusion Conspiracy, the Sanctuary City thing, and, of course, Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change so this sort of denial of idea inspection and intellectual integrity should not be surprising. Academia is not showing ia very pleasing color.

More than 90 political scientists have signed an open letter calling for the blacklisting of studies done by Virginia professors who estimated that thousands, and perhaps millions, of noncitizens register to vote and vote illegally in U.S. elections.
“The Left is desperate to preserve the ability to steal elections, so a blacklist of inconvenient but valid research would be par for the course,” Mr. Fitton said in an email. “Judicial Watch has analyzed the study and believe it to be solid research.”

Guy Benson: Unprofessional: Biased Politifact tries, and fails, to defend its sloppy “false” rating on Obamacare claim – “For the uninitiated, Politifact is a left-leaning “fact check” organization whose biases have been well-documented over the years.” It’s a matter of emphasis and interpretation twisted to fit a point of view and Benson provides statistics to show how it’s done.

Those statistics speak for themselves. Politifact sometimes does thorough and worthwhile work, but the preponderance of evidence regarding the focus of their analyses might lead an impartial observer (actually impartial, not Politifact ‘impartial’) to reasonably conclude that they’re an opposition research leg of the Democratic Party.

John Sexton highlights another view of the same phenomena: Rep. Nunes: ‘Democrats aren’t really serious about this investigaton’ – “As far as I know they’ve done very little to even look through the documents that the intelligence agencies have provided,” Nunes said.

Yesterday a Democratic member of the Intelligence Committee accused Nunes of being part of a White House-orchestrated cover-up. Other Democrats including ranking member Adam Schiff and minority leader Pelosi have called on Nunes to recuse himself. Meanwhile, Republicans including House Speaker Paul Ryan and Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz have stood by Nunes. Yesterday Chaffetz said calls for an investigation of Nunes by Democrats were “silly.”

That the case against Nunes is ultimately silly was made clear last night by a six-minute segment on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The segment featured the usual Jon Stewart-style hyperbole and gimmicks and culminated with Colbert using a chalkboard to draw a stick figure of Nunes with his head inside Trump’s posterior. The Democrats are pulling out all the stops against Nunes, but ultimately the stick-figure gag really does sum up their argument.

And more from Allahpundit: Ridiculous: California files 15 felony charges against producers of undercover Planned Parenthood videos – “Fifteen felony counts. How many felonies were the Manson family charged with?”

This investigation was launched by pro-abortion left-wing hack Kamala Harris, then attorney general of California and longtime recipient of Planned Parenthood lucre, who parlayed her persecution of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress — replete with a police raid of Daleiden’s home in search of undercover footage — into a U.S. Senate seat last November. Not satisfied with merely persecuting Daleiden under existing law, Harris even took the extra step of collaborating with Planned Parenthood to draft new legislation that would make secretly recording medical-care providers a distinct crime. The Daleiden investigation that she began has now been picked up by the new attorney general, Xavier Becerra (himself a Democratic former member of Congress), who decided yesterday to drop a cool 15 felony counts on Daleiden and his partner, Sandra Merritt, for exposing Planned Parenthood’s possible sales of fetal body parts because they recorded the conversations without the subjects’ consent. Unlike most of the 50 states, California requires both parties to a conversation to agree in order for it to be recorded lawfully.
Here’s the latest from Daleiden, released just this morning in a show of defiance. Sample quote: “Dr. Taylor explains to the investigators, ‘In Arizona, if the fetus comes out with any signs of life, we’re supposed to transport it. To the hospital.’ When one investigator then asks, ‘Is there any standard procedure for verifying signs of of life?’ Dr. Taylor replies, ‘Well, the thing is, I mean the key is, you need to pay attention to who’s in the room, right?’” No public interest in having that exposed, right?

Andrew Malcolm is wondering Are there any adults in Washington? Schumer and Trump no longer talking and notes one of the critical differences in the political debate.

Now, Schumer calls Trump a “liar” and Trump calls Schumer the Democrats’ “head clown.”
Like Harry Reid before him, Schumer has harshened his rhetorical tone to satisfy Democrats’ liberal donor base. Otherwise, its wealthy members would see only chaos at the Democratic National Committee where new chairman Tom Perez has asked for every single staffer’s resignation. Perez is the party’s third chair in less than a year.

Just what is the difference between calling someone a liar compared to labeling them as a head clown? As a hint, consider that you can work with a clown as that is a matter of style of behavior. Calling someone a liar, on the other hand, is an assertion of lack of trust and trust is the cornerstone of any effort to work together on solving problems in a group.

John Hinderaker notes how The World’s Greatest Humanitarian Crisis Arrives Just In Time – “As President Trump moves to fulfill his campaign promises across a wide range of issues, the response from the left is always the same: you can’t do that.” The recipe is getting stale.

But the Associated Press never lets facts stand in the way when bashing Donald Trump is at stake! The AP’s story goes on ad nauseam, but you get the drift. The AP turns to an authoritative source, a former Obama administration official
Rather than trying to feed many millions of terrorized people indefinitely, why don’t we go to the source and send in troops to kill the Islamic terrorists? I would support that policy, but somehow I don’t think that is what the Associated Press or other elements of the Democratic Party have in mind. They just want to bash President Trump, relying on fake news and fake statistics.

Rick Wallace posts his Reflections on Mark Steyn’s ‘A Disgrace to the Profession’ about Dr. Michael Mann on WUWT. It is a long essay with 28 citations. He covers a lot of ground but the observations on common behaviors from the Left are worth noting.

What I will argue in this essay is that Steyn has done serious students of the AGW hysteria an even greater service. In fact, this work reveals some features of the hysteria that are, I think, critical for understanding it in depth. The present essay, which will elaborate on this point, is intended as a contribution to the study of what one of those quoted in Steyn’s book called “pathological science”.
And throughout all this, there has been a perpetual refusal to acknowledge wrongdoing of any sort – or even any errors at all.
This vehement defensiveness has been accompanied by continual attacks on opponents and even colleagues who question any of his methods
This style of aggressive counterattack has continued even to the point of publishing a book that defends his work and belittles his critics. And as we all know, it has also spilled over into actual lawsuits on at least two occasions.
Along with this is the constant self-aggrandizement.
The institutions that Mr. Strong and others have created together with all those over-busy government agencies will still be with us. And how all that will turn out is something I really can’t foretell. What does result when mastodons like these have been let loose to roam the countryside?

There is a struggle that strikes deep.  

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