3/28/2017: Tell a Lie Often Enough … Obsession!

Paul Mirengoff: Trump administration blasts Russia’s handling of weekend protests – “Since taking office two months ago, President Trump has taken no action that can reasonably be viewed as favoring Russia.” Yet the headlines today are replete with the Democrat Party’s conspiracy theories that Trump colluded with Russia to win his election. The desperation is showing in the heated personal attacks on any target they can find, repeated and insistent calls for people to step down from important posts based on figments of their imagination, and other irrational behavior. Meanwhile. Russia illustrates just why the hyperbole about Trump as a Tyrant is so off base as well as the ridiculousness of the Russia Collusion Conspiracy ethos.

The size of the protests wasn’t large by U.S. and Western European standards. On the other hand, in the U.S. and Western Europe, one does not risk arrest and worse by participating in peaceful protests.
Readers may recall that Medvedev was the official to whom then-president Obama made his promise of greater “flexibility” towards Russia once that pesky 2012 election was over.
The Trump administration has condemned the arrest of Russian protesters. The State Department issued this statement: …

White House press secretary Sean Spicer read the State Department’s statement to the press. Thus, the White House is on the record as condemning Russia’s action in no uncertain terms.

Perhaps one of the reasons the Democrats are exposing such behavior is that the putrid pile that was swept under the rug for the last eight years is being exposed. An example: Schumer goes off on Trump supporter at NYC restaurant, witness says. Schumer has convinced himself that Trump is a Liar. That, like the Russia Collusion Conspiracy is something they repeat so often to themselves via their propaganda machine that they believe it true. The belief is so strong that no evidence, no reality, no logic is going to change it.

Glen Reynolds is one of the few that get the name right. It’s not a nuclear option. “Go full “Reid Option” and nuke the filibuster. Because the last several years we were told repeatedly how outdated and undemocratic the filibuster is.” The Democrats’ names should be applied to identify their destruction of traditional protocol in the Senate.

Herschel Smith: Homeowner’s Son Shoots And Kills Three Would-Be Robbers With An AR-15 – “He did one thing right, and one thing very wrong.”

This is impossible. We all know that no one needs that awful high capacity magazine, and no one needs an AR-15 for self defense, even against multiple intruders. And we all know that it’s more dangerous for the homeowner to have a gun than it is for the assailants. Guns take on a life of their own and turn and shoot the innocent like they have an evil brain. The report must be mistaken.
First, what he did right. … If an intruder is in your home, you must assume they are armed, and armed with more than you can see in the instant you are making your decisions of life and death.
Now to what he did wrong. He talked to the police. Boys and girls, don’t ever talk to the police. Not even if you shot in self defense, not even if you have nothing to hide, and not even if you’re an honest and decent human. Don’t talk to the police.


Even the police don’t talk to the police in shooting situations until the situation is settled and proper procedure can be assured.

Eric Worrall on Florida: The Sun State with Hardly Any Household Solar – “If the raw economics of solar made any sense, buyback schemes would not be needed to make household solar attractive.” Yet here we go in Nevada again as Left rears its ugly head in their war on the poor (re Las Vegas Sun).

Another falsehood that won’t quit meets reality described by Mark Perry: Evidence of employers paying women 20% less than men for the exact same work is as elusive as Bigfoot sightings – “this year’s Equal Pay Day will publicize the 20% unadjusted difference in median annual earnings for women and men in 2015 (most recent data available) when absolutely nothing relevant is controlled for”

Despite the widespread acceptance of the frequent “66/77/80 cents on the dollar for the same job” claims documented above, there is rarely ever any specific evidence presented showing that specific organizations are in violation of federal law by paying women 20% or more less than men for doing the same job. What politicians like Obama, Clinton, and Edwards, and gender activist organizations like the NCPE and AAUW are really implying is that firms and organizations across the country are rampantly and illegally violating the Equal Pay Act of 1963 by paying women 66/77/80 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men, and those deliberate, flagrant and ongoing violations are somehow going undetected. If there were such ubiquitous gender wage disparities in violation of federal law, why are there not extensive investigations by the Department of Justice, the Office of Civil Rights, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or by Governor Edwards’ office? And why isn’t there a cottage industry of law firms specializing in representing women who are victims of the supposed pervasive gender discrimination, the way there are hundreds of law firms representing mesothelioma victims who were exposed to asbestos on the job in previous decades?

And Nevada Leftists are celebrating because they finally got state acceptance of the ERA – just 32 years too late. The facts just don’t matter and they’ll even go so far as to forget the calendar to make themselves feel good.

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