Election outcomes

It seems that corruption was the big deal and terrorism was down the list. Folks like those who wrote salacious I’net messages got canned and Nation of Islam extremists got elected.

The Entrepreneurial Mind: What Does the Election Mean for Entrepreneurs? provides the point of view that not much will change. “In the twelve years of Republican control, we have seen little progress. … Neither party seems to be willing to embrace the new economy — the entrepreneurial economy.”

In his Entrepreneurial Mind blog, Jeff notes that there has been little progress on causes and only a bit of salve on symptoms. Tax cuts but no significant reform of tax methods or policy; a Supreme Court abuse of property rights only stirred up a few for a while. “Sadly, there is little evidence so far to show that these efforts have had a significant impact on the economic cost of regulation on small business.”

“Small businesses still face the lack of affordable health care, the threat of frivolous lawsuits, the burdens of over-regulation and a complex tax code. These issues don’t have partisan labels,”

But there are some changes to consider. In Nevada the minimum wage socialism received favor. Immigration reform in what some refer to as “amnesty” is looking more likely. Perceptions have prevailed over intellectual integrity and this will shift attitudes.

Perhaps most important was that it was a hot election. Many voters turned out. The campaigns were nasty. The votes were close in many races. Emotions ran high. Something is up. But what?

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