Gannet: creating one’s own reality

The Gannet folks put a ‘SecDef must go!’ editorial in their military trade pubs for election day. This is often presented under false colors as being a voice of the military rather than a voice to it. Sometimes one could even wonder if the publishers understand this difference.

At any rate, they have continued the ad hominem against the administration by looking for resignations based on created misdeeds or puzzling perceptions of the way things work. This one is the meme that US effort in Iraq is a failure and it is all the SecDef’s fault. It ignores the role of the current administration in reforming the military structure and mission for a post cold war era and it ignores much of the interplay between Congress and the military branches and the current activities of the military.

To get a good handle on the ‘other side’ of the issue, check these links.

Press Gaggle by Tony Snow is from the White House. Mr. Snow starts with the ‘Mission Completed’ and ‘painting a rosy picture’ memes and goes from there.

U.S. Department of Defense Update is the official Rumsfeld response starting with “The editorial included a number of inaccurate and misleading statements.”

Gateway Pundit: Donald Rumsfeld… The Best Defense Secretary Ever! suggests “Writers for USA Today are going to “bravely” publish some anti-war crap against Donald Rumsfeld in Gannett periodicals on Monday, a day before the election. Surprise Surprise! and then provides a comparison and contrast by example. – takes off on some responses to the editorial. “t’s hard to know what to make of this. Rumsfeld’s a polarizing figure, and antiwar people have been talking smack about him for so long that legitimate criticism tends to get lost in the fog of politics.”

That fog of politics seems to be rather severe these days. A lot of money is going into fog making machines. Unless and until the voters get past the obfuscation and into the clear, the decisions being made are not likely to be as effective as they could be.

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