It’s down to slime and a shortage of raw material


Clarice Feldman: Slime and the Slimers – “There’s no Elmer’s Glue to be found anywhere on Oahu,”

Adult creators of slime don’t need glue. They need credulous readers and viewers too lazy to check libelous statements, especially claims that fit their own preconceptions.

One ongoing slime is that Trump is anti-Semitic.
This week Milo Yiannopolous was the slime target.
While the slimers have many advantages going for them, thinking people who aren’t lazy have some advantages, too. Next time you hear a disparaging tale about the president or those close to him, search for the original text and read or listen to it in its unedited form. The same sort of people who waste your money on a dangerously constructed and way too expensive Big Dig (Boston), on poorly maintained dams (California), or horribly managed water supplies (Flint) are playing with your mind to maintain power. And you’ll pay dearly for being credulous.

Unfortunately, unlike Oahu teenagers, the Left manufactures its own raw material for slime out of a fetid imagination fed by paranoia, dissonance, and defense. It is on the table to see (and smell) but seems to make no impact on the oblivious. That is a real and significant problem with significant dangerous implications (think Venezuela as an example).


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