2/16/2017: Swampgate and the Deep State has allies.

Angelo M. Codevilla describes The CIA’s affront to Trump – “Withholding a security clearance is a means of challenging presidential policy.”

The CIA’s denial of a clearance to a presidential appointee minus good cause, however, breaks new ground and shows truly revolutionary boldness. … the CIA’s denial of Mr. Townley’s clearance removes all subtlety by demanding that Mr. Trump appoint only “natives.” If Mr. Trump indulges that demand for self-emasculation, the message will go out to all agencies: They need pay no attention to what political appointees tell them, and they need fear no retribution for this or for pressuring appointees in any way they want. The message to the people who Mr. Trump has appointed or who are considering working for Mr. Trump is just as clear: You have no choice but to make yourself acceptable to the bureaucrats because, if you don’t, they will hurt you and the president will not help you. This cannot help but skew the pool of potential members of the Trump administration.

The Deep State has decided it knows better than the people and it is willing to commit crimes as a result as the laws are just the people speaking and so don’t count. IBD has more on this: Is This Trump’s Watergate, Or Revenge Of The Swamp People?

Swampgate: President Trump may have come to Washington to “drain the swamp,” but now he’s finding out that it’s full of nasty swamp creatures. And, as he’s also discovered, they bite.
Meanwhile, federal bureaucrats, fearing Trump’s vow to shrink big government and root out corruption, are digging in as if fighting for their very lives. That’s why intelligence “sources,” as the media call them, are willing to break the law to subvert Trump’s administration. They have too much to lose if he wins.
By the way, those going after Trump seem ready to break the law if necessary to do the job.
These are real crimes — not imaginary ones.

Talk of Watergate-style crimes is way overblown, but that doesn’t mean it will blow over. The so-called Deep State, the semi-permanent class of politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists and contractors who make a grand living off the taxpayers, have a vested interest in taking down Trump. He’s the real enemy, not the Russians. And, even if it means breaking the law, that’s just what these Swamp People mean to do.

Michael Rubin: Flynn’s fall should have the intel community in the hot seat –

The greatest legal problem may not be Flynn’s. By acknowledging that they had intercepted Kislyak’s call, someone in the US intelligence community confirmed to the Russians that the National Security Agency had the sources or methods to defeat the Russian embassy’s countermeasures.
When the US intelligence community uses classified information to target Americans, it raises the specter that the CIA or NSA are just as likely to blackmail and dissuades American officials from being forthcoming during background investigations.

Ace notes that a Document Released Showing Obama’s Team Knew Immediately That Benghazi Was a “Direct Breaching” Terrorist Attack, and Was Not Even Conducted “Under the Cover of Protest” – This wasn’t from a security leak, it was from a Judicial Watch FOIA.

Judicial Watch got 54 pages of document — the bombshell here being a transcript of a phone call conducted September 12, 2012, just one day after the attack, in which Hillary Henchman Patrick Kennedy admitted, no caveats, there was no “cover of protests” and that it was a “direct breaching attack” involving “medium” weight weapons which would require some pre-planning.

Andrew P. Napolitano: Intellectual honesty and political indifference – “Only judicial attributes untouched by the jostling crowd can preserve our liberty.”

The judiciary is an independent branch of the government, and it is coequal to the president and the Congress. It is answerable to its own sense of scrupulous intellectual honesty about the Constitution. It is not answerable to the people. Yet in return for the life tenure and unaccountability its members enjoy, we expect political indifference — that judges’ decisions shall not be made in order to produce their own politically desired outcomes.

As has been made clear, this responsibility in not being met as the interests of the ‘Deep State’ surmount them. There are some indications that some in the judiciary understand their role in self discipline and are worried about rogue Judges but it remains to be seen if the concern rises to a level of taking proper actions.

Paranoia – Denial: On the ‘Fake News’ in denial front we have yet another study reported by Rowan Scarborough that Nearly 2 million non-citizen Hispanics illegally registered to vote – “Survey bolsters analysis by professors.” Trump has been excoriated on this but, as seems to usually be the case, he is right and his haters are off base. On the paranoia side, Alex Swoyer reports that Gorsuch shows ‘hostility’ to ‘discrimination victims,’ group claims in letter to senators – “But 39 former clerks to the jurist hail his ‘impeccable’ qualifications for the Supreme Court.” This goes along with much of the anti-Trump obsessives in foretelling doom with certitude despite no evidence nor anything to indicate support for their views. In fact, the evidence tends to go against them and the fact that that doesn’t matter indicates they have a real problem and it is within themselves.

But conservatives are pushing back, and suggest the letter is a political attack. They said some of the rulings cited in the letter as objectionable were cases where Democrat-appointed judges agreed with Mr. Gorsuch.

“Like Senator Schumer, they are extremists who will try every trick in the book to stop an exceptionally qualified, widely respected nominee who puts the law and the Constitution ahead of politics,” said Carrie Severino, chief counsel for the conservative Judicial Crisis Network.

The Borking has reached full throttle.

On Paranoia, there is the Soros thing on the Right. Shari Goodman describes A George Soros-Led Mutiny – it is easy to classify this sort of thing as paranoia and scapegoating but the evidence available raises questions about that conclusion. That contrasts with many of the other paranoid seeming views that abound these days that are completely devoid of evidence or reality or reason.

For the last few decades George Soros and his Open Society Institute have organized and financed a seditious movement to destroy our Constitutional Republic and monetary system. Their mission appears to be to replace it with a One World borderless government under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.
Employing the Cloward-Piven Strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis, Soros seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands and grievances; thus, pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.
Thus, at the beginning of the 21st century we find ourselves on the brink of a violent second civil war where universities are no longer bastions of free speech, Trump supporters are routinely accosted, lawfare is now a weapon used against President Trump’s policies, and economic boycotts against the Trump brand are now promoted.
Many Americans are fed up and are asking why the Seditious Conspiracy law, which was first enacted during the Civil War, is no longer applied.

One of those Knee Jerk Anti Trump organizations is considering their positions. It will remain confused as along as they are not able to separate legal from illegal immigration and the proper role of national security in controlling a country’s borders. Jeff Andrade-Fong: Housing, Trump and Facing Our Hypocrisy – “for all the outcry against nativist federal policies, there’s precious little criticism of the anti-immigrant policies we have here at home.”

No fault evictions have been on the rise or years. Mid-level earners like teachers and other public servants are unable to afford housing where they’re needed most. Mega commutes are becoming increasingly common as workers can’t find reasonably priced housing near major job centers. And an invisible economic wall has been erected that’s silently preventing would-be immigrants from accessing everything that makes the Bay Area great.

These problems (and the chronic housing shortage that drives them) are caused by a broken legal, political and regulatory system that makes it impossible to build where housing would be most valuable. It allows incumbent landholders to benefit from rising housing prices while also privileging them with a disproportionate say in who gets to build what, when and where.
what’s the use in fighting to defend sanctuary cities if we aren’t willing to make them economically accessible? To what end do we speak of receiving refugees if we’re unwilling to build a place for them to live? To cry out against federal overreach in D.C., but stay silent on the regressive, segregationist, anti-immigrant housing policy we have here at home is the height of hypocrisy.

Allahpundit notes Dan Rather: This Trump thing could be bigger than Watergate – “When the man who blew the lid off the Bush National Guard memos tells you the country is facing a mega-scandal, you can take that to the bank.”

How are these people going to last four years with their sanity intact when they’re already at DefCon 2 after 26 days?
The Times has run at least three stories since late October on the FBI investigation into contacts between Trump’s campaign and Russian agents and each one has come to the same conclusion — no evidence of cooperation so far.
As tends to happen when one side is in hyper-outrage mode, a race begins to prove one’s ideological virtue by reaching for the most dramatic, hysterical analogy yet. For Rather, that’s Watergate and “worst scandal evah” rhetoric. For tools like Tom Perriello and Tom Friedman, it’s 9/11 analogies. “Ladies and gentlemen,” wrote Friedman yesterday, “we were attacked on Dec. 7, 1941, we were attacked on Sept. 11, 2001, and we were attacked on Nov. 8, 2016.” Perriello made the 9/11 point even more explicitly

Jazz Shaw: Dear GOP: Cancel the town hall meetings – “It’s a sad statement on the current condition of our democracy but the recent unending tide of well-funded and carefully coordinated “protests” by liberals angry over the defeat of Hillary Clinton have led me to one inescapable conclusion.”

If I wasn’t convinced of this before, the message really set in for me when I read about yet another such protest taking place in what I would’ve expected to be one of the most unlikely areas. In the very rural North country of New York State
Reading through the comments made by the protesters and looking at the signs they were displaying, it’s obvious what was going on here. Nobody was looking for a conversation. Nobody wanted a frank discussion with some give-and-take. This was a political stunt, just the same as the rest we’ve seen taking place around the country. Fortunately, Stefanik set an example which I hope the rest of the members of Congress will follow.
Stefanik said protesters have repeatedly harassed her staff and have personally targeted specific staff members.

“This type of intentionally disruptive behavior is unacceptable and unhelpful to civil public discourse. If it gets out of hand, we will continue to contact local law enforcement and U.S. Capitol Police,” she said.

Shaw has another about Debunking Time’s “fact check” on non-citizen voting – alternate facts deja vu

The new status quo in the mainstream media is a generally accepted insistence that Donald Trump and the White House staff are a group of unrepentant liars and that proper reporting must always include clear statements when falsehoods are uttered. This is generally followed by a “fact check” which purports to set the record straight. Time Magazine engages in this practice this week with yet another duplicitous report on the potential for voter fraud committed by illegal immigrants and legally residing aliens, describing the White House comments as, “its false and widely-criticized assertion.” Unfortunately, the “fact check” falls into the same trap which catches most MSM personalities. Since everyone seems to be being held to the same standard these days, it’s only fair that we correct the correction of the record.
All in all the Time Magazine article does a fine job of stating a number of things which are true while omitting the rest of the facts which actually make the argument against what they are saying. This is not to say that I or anyone else knows precisely how much voting by non-citizens is taking place. The point is, neither do the folks claiming that it’s not an issue. And, for the bazillionth time… wouldn’t you want to know either way?

John Sexton reports on the Borking fallout from Puzder’s ex-wife: ‘I have become the victim of the media’s malice’ (Update: Puzder withdraws) –

Fox News reports that sources on the HELP committee don’t believe the Oprah video was a “watershed” moment for Puzder’s confirmation. Meanwhile, the left-wing Campaign for Accountability was in court Tuesday arguing Puzder’s divorce records should be unsealed. The goal is clearly to publicize the allegations before his confirmation.

A spokesman for Puzder tells Fox News that Fierstein and Puzder are now “good friends” who had dinner with Puzder’s current wife Dee last week. The spokesman adds, “They spend a lot of time together and this was a chance to just be family. But the calls from reporters and the attempts to unseal her divorce documents, have been very difficult for Lisa.”

For the Democrats, the ex-wife is just collateral damage of no consequence in getting what they want.

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