2/15/2017: Political Assassination Attempts and the important back story

Breitbart On the leaks – House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) said Tuesday that those who leaked the contents of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s phone calls “belong in jail.” Then there’s Peter King –

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) “You go back to the question of the leaks, that is a criminal action. I mean to have a wiretap of anyone, a foreign national, and to have an American come on that, an American citizen come on that tape, there is all sorts of precautions in the law, how that person’s identity has to be masked, how it can’t be made public. Yet, it was not only made public; it was leaked to a newspaper. So you have the national security advisor being taped. That could have been a legal wiretap aimed at the Russians. Yet, to have that leaked violating the law, it’s clearly wrong. Again, more should be said about that. That should be pursued right to the end, to find out who leaked that and take strong action against them. Also, obviously, the whole situation was General Flynn, that will also be looked into.”

Ingraham: Flynn Leaks ‘The Stuff Police States Do’ – “the leaks on former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn are “the stuff police states do. … They work to destroy the reputations of good people using information that is classified and private against individual citizens, and it should frighten anybody.”

Of course, Democrats see it differently. Dem Rep Moulton: If Trump Admin ‘Conspiring’ with Russia — That Is ‘The Definition of Treason’ but then, as might be expected, his memory is a bit short. FLASHBACK – Reports: Obama’s 2008 Campaign Reps Talked with Iran, Hamas. Then there’s the Fake News caught: New York Times Accuses, then Exonerates Trump Aides in Russia Claims but Democrats also don’t acknowledge such corrections. That is why Donald Trump Denounces ‘Un-American’ Intelligence Leaks to ‘Fake News’

From the Washington Times Flynn’s out, but the moles are not – “There’s more mischief coming in the important back story.”

The Beacon quotes “multiple sources in and out of the [Trump] White House,” whom it does not name, who described a furtive, behind the scenes campaign of planting damaging stories about Mr. Flynn with some of the abundant correspondents who despise Mr. Trump. They’re eager to bring him down and if the national interest suffers, well, collateral damage is merely the grim reality of war.

The campaign is said to be led by Ben Rhodes, an adviser to Barack Obama when he was president and who, like the former president, is still in town to remain close to the action. The Iran nuclear deal, which was conducted in secret and whose details are still closely guarded by Mr. Obama and his friends, is regarded by the former president as the centerpiece of the “legacy” he continues to obsess over.
Barack Obama is still in town — he says he’s only here to await his daughter’s graduation from high school, but he’s fortifying a mansion in Kalorama that looks in place for the long march — but he’s not going to return to the White House except as a tourist, and his coterie of apparatchiks might as well get used to it. President Trump’s task is to clean house and stop damaging leaks. Mike Flynn is only a collateral target.

L. Todd Wood: Flynn and the traitors in our midst – “Jail the seditionists.”

There is a concerted effort by multiple parties in the U.S. government to bring down the duly elected president of the United States, Donald Trump. This is not resistance. This is not hurt feelings. This is not just politics. It is sedition. It is treason.
We used to shoot people for this type of behavior.

Kelly Riddell says Trump the ultimate target of Dems’ witch hunt – “Democrats and the mainstream media are going to try to pick apart President Trump’s team, one by one, until they eventually get to their ultimate prize: Mr. Trump himself.” In other words, the Democrats are out to destroy the administration no matter the cost to themselves or the country.

Intelligence officials leaked the intercept only after Mr. Flynn made it known he wanted to restructure the intelligence community, with rumors being his top target was DNI. This restructuring would’ve inevitably led to the shakeup and perhaps dismissal of many career intelligence officials.

But there’s more. And it’s even uglier.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Obama holdovers have plotted to undermine Mr. Trump’s national security plans before he even stepped foot in the White House.
And it’s not limited to Mr. Flynn. Democrats and the media aren’t going to ease up because of his resignation. They’re only getting started.
All of this is trivial nonsense — Ms. Conway was clearly defending her boss’s daughter in a glib fashion where she never intended for violate ethics rules.

But the Democrats are out for blood.

Riddell also notes that Rep. Cummings uses NYT fake news report to demand Flynn investigation – “This is how trust erodes between the mainstream media and the American public” and between the public and the Democratic party, too.

Eric Wilson: Statistics and politics have much to teach one another – “Big Data provides the power to gauge opinion, and to shape it”

What this past year has taught me more than anything is this: First, you can learn a lot about statistics from politics; and second, both are misunderstood.
One major flaw may be that society is myopically focused on or obsessed with causation instead of correlation. … Another issue may be that people don’t think anymore but instead just want others to tell them what to believe.
Given the computing power available today, we now have extremely large sets of data that can be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends and associations. With Big Data it may no longer be necessary to sample the population since we may have access to the entire population. In the simplest terms, this is what happened on Election Day when instead of sampling and getting a poll, we sampled everyone and got a totally different result.
This is new territory and may require a new way of thinking and looking at polls. Big Data analytics has had clear wins in the fields of politics and business. It promises to provide insights for those who seek patterns from vast data banks. The biggest thing it has shown is that there may be a new way of looking at things — a messier, less exact but more realistic view of the future. A view that if harnessed correctly by some, can create or shape their destiny instead of having to just accept it.

This means that better results can be obtained by watching the public in arenas such as social media and other behavior rather than by selected polling. This is a new capability based on new technologies and cultural changes. That leads to J.T. Young describing An overlooked Republican empire – “Republican strongholds paved the way for Trump’s victory.” Empire? That seems to be a rather poor choice of words.

By focusing on the unconventional “who” and “how” of November’s presidential race, we overlook the “what” and “why” lying beneath it.
All are familiar with the contradictory presidential election story of 2016. Mr. Trump lost the popular vote handily by almost 3 million votes, yet won the electoral vote decisively 306-232.

These divergent results give the impression that Mr. Trump’s victory was a fluke — an outcome thrust upon Republicans that will not be repeated. Instead while Mr. Trump’s victory did not conform to past presidential elections, it fits perfectly with state elections’ current patterns.
Looking from state government totals to Congress, Republicans’ majorities are not surprising. If anything, they have room to grow.
There are non-electoral advantages, too. States are the incubators of policy. It is a big plus to have disproportionately more laboratories for designing policy than the opposition. Finally, there is the bonus of conditioning voters to vote Republican.
It is a map Republicans very much needed. As their state dominance shows, recent Republican presidential candidates have underperformed — particularly establishment ones — their state and congressional candidates. Mr. Trump’s “November surprise” proves Republican presidential candidates can also win there — and it need not be a surprise when they do.

There’s another part of this. Adam Brandon: The angry Loser Party – “Unlike the limited-government tea party, today’s marchers share no theme except anti-Trump.” What he illustrates is that the Left is not using its own organizations for examples of credibility and success but is instead reaching out to the Conservative groups as a reference for quality in community organizing.

Proponents of the Women’s March and other protests that have broken out in various city centers and airport terminals across the country often compare themselves to the Tea Party movement.

There is some truth to the comparison. Both groups rallied large crowds in public places. Both delivered political messages through speeches, chanting and signs.

But the differences between the two are far more important.
The Tea Party protests were organized by grass-roots activists, many of whom had never participated in the political process and whose names you wouldn’t know. They were formed to fight complacency in Washington and bring about the end of the status quo. The Tea Party forced reassessment and realignment of the Republican Party. The recent protests only reinforce the anger within the Democratic Party and enmity across the aisle. That’s why, despite all their clamoring for change, the recent protests’ influence will remain outside the mainstream and will not eclipse the strength and significance of the Tea Party.

As the Tea Party contrasted with the anti-bank rallies in clean-up, we see another example of a meaningless Left protest and riot leaving a dangerous mess. Valerie Richardson Feds join Dakota Access protest camp cleanup in race to avoid ‘environmental disaster’ – “North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum says rapid snowmelt means ‘we cannot afford to wait any longer’.” This also gives lie to hyperbolic claims about anti-science, anti-environment, Fascist Trump. Again.

“Today’s assessment by the Army Corps of Engineers is crucial to accelerating the cleanup process so this land can be properly cleared of garbage, structures, vehicles and human waste before it washes into the rivers,” the governor said. “We cannot afford to wait any longer.”

As for polarization, consider Peter Morici on The inevitable Obamacare death spiral – “The only way to save it is with price controls.” The only way? Price controls are, by definition, using other people’s money and that only works until those people’s money is gone. In part, it is the dependence upon other people’s money that is why health care is so expensive for those ‘other people.’ The fact is that there are other ways to address the issue  but Morici devolves to threats for those who do not see it his way: “Simply, Republicans must face the need to regulate prices or risk an angry electorate that can’t afford health care and lose badly in the midterm elections.” Not allowing for the possibility of other solutions or even allowing discussion about an issue is why many political debates are really pointless arguments.

President Trump and the Runaway Judiciary: The Founders Have Provided the Remedy by Steve McCann – “Since Marbury v. Madison in 1803, the Federal Courts have been gradually aggregating more power to themselves than what the founders originally envisioned.”

However, central to any of the above steps is that Congress discharges its responsibility. Something that it has been loath to do as it is held captive to ideology, partisanship and self-aggrandizement. If this latest judicial debacle cannot spur them to action, then nothing short of national chaos will.
Unless and until the Congress acts or a Convention of the States is convened, America will continue to be held hostage by the Federal Judiciary as they proceed apace seizing the authority delegated to the President and Congress as these past few weeks have amply displayed.

Nonetheless, the framers of the Constitution gave the citizenry one last opportunity to rein in a runaway Judiciary. A Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution can be convened by the States …

The biggest part of the problem here is that there is a significant minority that is using the Courts as an alternative to its inability to push its agenda with Congress or the people. With the Courts and hyperbolic shaming and heart string tugging they have succeeded. So far.

Jazz Shaw says Democrats are setting a trap for themselves on Cabinet confirmations – “A pattern has been emerging in these confirmation hearings which is more than disturbing.”

It’s been repeated too many times to be simple coincidence or some sort of principled stand on the part of the Democrats over specific issues found on the resumes of Donald Trump’s nominees or any answers they may have given during the hearings. Yes, it’s good news that another seat has been filled, but a quick look at the vote tallies tells the story which would be sending up massive red flags for the minority party if they had the sense that God gave a goat.
nearly all of Trump’s nominees are running into a brick wall with the party of the donkey.

And for what reason? Trump is not appointing a band of brigands with criminal records or friends and donors with no experience in their respective fields. … While there has been some sporadic resistance by Republicans to a few Democratic nominees in the past, we’ve never seen anything like this.

This might be a good time for Chuck Schumer and his buddies in the Senate to look to the future and remember that in American politics the shoe inevitably winds up on the other foot sooner or later. Except in this case, the results could be far more toxic for them the next time a Democrat holds the White House.
Just something to think about for the future. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and the goose is beginning to get considerably ticked off.

Futility breeds irrationality in problem solving and that is quite visible right now in the politcal arena.

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