2/9/2017 : DDoS attack on government

VDH: California goes Confederate – “The Golden State is as out of step with the rest of the nation as the antebellum South.”

Nonetheless, what is driving California’s current efforts to nullify federal law and the state’s vows to secede from the United States are some deeper — and creepy — similarities to the arrogant and blinkered Old South.

California is likewise becoming a winner-take-all society. It hosts the largest numbers of impoverished and the greatest number of rich people of any state in the country. Eager for cheap service labor, California has welcomed in nearly a quarter of the nation’s undocumented immigrants. California has more residents living in poverty than any other state. It is home to one-third of all the nation’s welfare recipients.
California, for all its braggadocio, cannot not leave the U.S. or continue its states’-rights violations of federal law. It will eventually see that the new president is not its sickness, nor are secession and nullification its cures.

Instead, California is becoming a reactionary two-tier state of masters and serfs whose culture is as peculiar and out of step with the rest of the country as was the antebellum South’s. No wonder the state lashes out at the rest of the nation with threatened updated versions of the Old Confederacy’s secession and nullification.

But such reactionary Confederate obstructionism is still quite an irony given California’s self-righteous liberal preening.

Cal Thomas: Major media remain in denial – “Without journalism’s resolve to battle bias, public trust will continue to decline.”

Overnight, it seems, major media have become interested in facts following eight years of ignoring lies and dissembling by Democrats and members of the Obama administration, including the president. The list is long and includes former Sen. Harry Reid’s lies about Mitt Romney, who Mr. Reid falsely accused of not paying his taxes. When asked about it in an interview, Mr. Reid said, “I did what was necessary” to defeat Mr. Romney in the 2012 presidential race. Then there were the numerous lies about Obamacare, the glossing over of anti-Semitic statements by Mr. Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright, and the influence of radical leftist thinker Saul Alinsky on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.
Mr. Koppel, who was always fair and friendly to me when I appeared on his program, correctly states: “Democracy depends on facts.” The problem is that too many of us can’t agree on the facts because the standard by which truth was once measured has disappeared in our age of relativity. It is an Alice in Wonderland age in which Humpty Dumpty is the prophet: ” ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’ “

This is the media’s fault line. Mr. Koppel writes: “There may be some temporary political advantage to be gained by tearing down public confidence in critical, nonpartisan journalism, but it is only temporary. At some point or another, everyone needs professional finders of facts.”
The notion that the public needs “professional finders of facts” goes beyond bias to hubris. It pretends these “professionals” don’t have a point of view and that they are evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives. …

The public’s trust in major media continues to decline. Their denial ensures that decline will continue. If it is a threat to democracy, as Mr. Koppel claims, it is a threat of the media’s own making.

Keep in mind that facts and truth are two separate things. Facts are a subset of the truth which is why alternative facts represents a different view rather than a falsehood as the Left often tries to portray. This is why intellectual integrity is a more appropriate standard as it is about finding truth rather than selecting facts.

John Daniel Davidson: Stop Calling Donald Trump A Fascist, Because He’s Not One – “The Left’s favorite epithet for Donald Trump is ‘fascist.’ The problem is, the term simply doesn’t apply. They should stop using it.”

Progressives are no doubt thinking of Hitler and Mussolini, but in fact they’re using “fascist” in the way George Orwell described it in “The Politics of the English Language,” merely to signify “something not desirable.”

But fascism isn’t just an abstract word that can stand in for anything you dislike. The term has an infamous history that all Americans should know about, especially since so many of us are so fond of throwing the term around lately.
“We do not enter parliament to use parliamentary methods,” wrote Joseph Goebbels in a 1929 propaganda pamphlet. Indeed, after the Nazis gained 95 seats in the 1930 elections, they would routinely disrupt proceedings in the German Reichstag by shouting down speakers, throwing debris from balconies, and generally raising hell. They held only 107 of 577 seats, but they were determined to undermine democracy in Germany—and they did.
The corruption of “fascist” is but one example of the pernicious habit of sloppy thinking that’s plaguing our public life.
In the meantime, it should suffice to stop calling Trump a fascist and recognize, as Orwell did, “that the present political chaos is connected with the decay of language, and that one can probably bring about some improvement by starting at the verbal end.”

Ace: The War on Free Speech: College Now Warning Students Not to Record Their Instructors During Their Embarrassing Political Tirades – “They want to indoctrinate in secret, and will actually punish you for exposing their ideas to sunlight.”

That’s not a sign of a legitimate “intellectual” or moral movement.

The signs ominously state: “Video and/or audio recording without instructor permission is prohibited.”

Meanwhile, college “bias response teams” have a strange tendency to only persecute conservative-tilting speech.

And yes, it’s time to start seriously debating defunding the colleges that won’t defend free speech.

The government should not be in the business of siphoning taxpayer money into political institutions. If these schools wish to act like private political clubs, that’s fine, but they can do so on their own dime.
I don’t want revolution, I don’t want “resistance,” I don’t want violence. I don’t want to make others live under my heel (despite the fact they dearly wish to make me live under theirs).

I just want Done. I want Gone. I want Goodbye.

Ed Morrissey: Poll: Majority of Democrat voters want obstructionism across the board – “If 56% of your friends told you to jump in front of a moving populist train, would you do it?”

So far the answer seems to be yes, and it might be because of the same feedback that Politico and Morning Consult found in their poll from last week. Democratic voters are in the mood for vengeance — but they’re alone in that regard
Sounds like a plan, eh? Yes … for further disconnection from the electorate. The overall rating on this question is 58/30 for cooperation
As I argue in my column today at The Week, the Democrats’ policy of obstructionism is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of why power shifted to the Republicans over the last eight years. Both parties share in that misunderstanding, but at the moment Democrats are at the highest risk of damaging themselves because of it

What it seems a lot of people are missing is the difference between opposition and obstruction. Compare and contrast the behavior of the parties. Republicans didn’t smear their colleagues, did not vote a solid block, advocated clear positions on specific issues, and didn’t participate in or promote uncivil behavior. Democrats are making such things daily behavior. Opposition tries to steer government while opposition tries to stop it. You can see this in Morrissey’s Santorum: Everyone should calm down about rebuke of Warren –

There was a distinction, however, [between Santorum and Warren] that Psaki elides a bit. When Warren was challenged on her use of the letter in regard to Rule XIX, she affirmed that she was embracing King’s personal attack on Sessions — which Santorum points out. “In the case of Elizabeth Warren,” he says, “she didn’t back off.”
as Duane noted earlier today, setting a precedent on enforcement of Rule XIX has some longer-term strategic and tactical implications for Democrats — which may also explain why they want to make this a bigger deal than it is.

At its core, this is all nonsense anyway. Democrats had already started dismantling the comity of the Senate as far back as the confirmation hearings of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas, and continued to do so through the 2005 blockade of judicial appointments all the way to Harry Reid’s 2013 nuclear-option move that has now blown up Democrats’ faces. Democratic obstruction might thrill Psaki, but it’s not going thrill the rest of the nation that considers the 2016 election settled.

Elide means omit – that is an indicator that intellectual integrity is missing and alternative facts are being created to deceive and distort rather than acknowledged as a limitation on finding truth.

It is a Distributed Denial of Service Attack.

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