2/8/2017: Climate of violence and separated from reality

Virgil: The Left Whips Up a Climate of Violence — the Prime Target Is Donald Trump –

Is there a media-driven “climate of violence”? You bet there is, and it’s being whipped up by the left and the Main Stream Media, here and around the world. And it has a clear purpose: The ultimate goal is the destruction of the Trump presidency—and, for at least some, seemingly, the goal is the assassination of President Trump himself.
So let’s look more closely at this idea of a “climate of violence,” which is said to foster acts of actual violence. Sometimes this inflammatory “climate” is real, and sometimes it is not real. We’ve learned that while the political left usually says that it opposes this sort of violence-inducing “climatology,” in fact, quite often, it embraces it—even adores it.
Yes, that is correct: Cutting-edge Democrats have never condemned the violent hooligans doing their dirty work, for one simple reason—they’re proud of them.

John Stossel: The incredible smear machine aimed at Team Trump – “Nearly every day brings a new Times outrage.” Example after Example. “Please. Someone. Tell The New York Times that socialism was tried. It doesn’t work.”

Edmund DeMarche says Dems rally around Warren after senator silenced at Sessions nomination – this is about bringing up debunked smears from 1986. Warren dug deeply into the Bork well but forgot that Rule 19 in the Senate prohibits Senators smearing each other. The vote on enforcing this rule was strictly partisan which means the Democrats as a unified whole do not believe rules apply to them. See also Seth McLaughlin Big whiff: No wins for Democrats in showdowns with Trump – “Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer, New York Democrat, told reporters Tuesday that even in defeat, they have exposed Mr. Trump’s hypocrisy and his nominees’ incompetence.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, said some Democrats “are kind of embarrassed by the whole show.”

“At some point here, you’ve got to wonder about dysfunction and fatigue beginning to set in. And I predict that will happen sometime in the near future and we’ll get back to a more normal kind of operating style,” he said.

For more on this dustup, see Paul Mirengoff – “To support this claim, roundly disputed by African-Americans who know Jeff Sessions, Warren resorted to quotes from 1986 when the Senate did not confirm the Alabama man as a federal district court judge.”

Duane Patterson –

Tuesday night, the Democrats tried to show their base they’re willing to get off the mat and get back into the ring, this time to unsuccessfully block one of their own, a man they all like personally, but have to now verbally destroy to satisfy their base, Jeff Sessions of Alabama. Why? He’s going to be a rather effective Attorney General, and the left hates that.
Senator Warren, I realize you’ve been a Senator for a few years now, but let me officially welcome you to the new and improved United States Senate, where rules are now apparently enforced. You’ve just been Mitchslapped.

Patterson indicates that the Warren issue has implications for the handling of the Gorsuch nomination. Ace has more on this: Sean Davis: You Don’t Need the Nuclear Option to Confirm Neil Gorsuch. You Just Need to Strictly Enforce the Rules on Debate as Written. “The rules as written require that people actually, you know, debate to keep debate open.”

Michael Goodwin says The Democratic Party has lost its mind — and its soul – “the necessity of Pence’s vote reflected another kind of history, too: The decision by all Senate Democrats to reject DeVos marked a new low for the flailing party.”

Democrats claim to stand for the poor, immigrants and nonwhites. Yet given a chance to actually support someone who is dedicated to improving education for all America’s children, especially those trapped in failing urban schools, the Dems said no, hell no.
Throw away all the subtexts and subterfuge, a defense of the rotten status quo is the only explanation for the bid to block DeVos. The teachers unions pulled the strings, and the political puppets danced to their masters’ tune.
Dems see the riots and threats of violence as legitimate expressions of disapproval — and convenient for their purposes. Their contribution to the “resistance” started when 70 Democrats boycotted Trump’s inauguration and many senators boycotted confirmation hearings and votes. Maybe they’ll soon throw rocks through windows.
Think of that: The Democrats’ leader walks out on his job to play the role of a man of the people in a staged demonstration. This is a party that has lost its mind, as well as its soul.

Bradford Richardson says Elementary school, high school students face taunts for supporting Trump – “Adult behavior inspires students.”

A toxic political atmosphere fueled by nonstop media outrage and ubiquitous protest is showing signs of seeping into classrooms across the country, as reports of bullying against elementary, middle and high school students who openly support President Trump proliferate.
“It seems to me that the media coverage and the kinds of attacks on the president encourage this kind of behavior,” Mr. Allman said Monday on “The Allman Report.” “There’s almost this sense of righteousness that these people have who attack somebody — even what I talked about earlier, these people who are hitting people, Macing people, punching people and all that kind of stuff.

“They feel like they have permission somehow,” he said. “And that’s a tough environment for a sixth-grader to be growing up in.”
Mr. Allman wondered whether the school would have reacted differently if Trump supporters were doing the attacking rather than being attacked.

On the Education Secretary full out effort, consider Charles Hurt: ‘1984’: Making liberals great again – “In droves, the precious political “liberals” and “progressives” are gobbling up copies of George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984” about “the perils of a totalitarian police state,” according to The Washington Post.” … “The similarities between “1984” and the “utopian” dreams of self-proclaimed “liberals” and “progressives” today — gross misnomers both — are uncanny.” i.e. a lot of projection going on.

That feeling of self righteousness is noted by Valerie Richardson as a Judge rejects Dakota Access activists’ request to stop ‘excessive force’ by police – “Says violent agitators at Backwater Bridge riot set fires, threw rocks at officers.”

The decision comes as a setback for pipeline protesters who have accused law enforcement of interfering with their First Amendment rights by brutalizing activists with “militarized” tactics and unreasonable displays of force.

The judge rejected the contention that activists occupying camps since August on federal property near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, have been “peaceful and prayerful.”
“As previously noted, the right of free speech and assembly do not mean, and have never meant, that everyone who chooses to protest against the Dakota Access pipeline may do so at any time, any place, and under any set of conditions they choose in total disregard of the law,” Judge Hovland said.

“To allow that to occur would result in anarchy and an end to the rule of law in civilized society, [emphasis added]” he said.

Anne Hendershott thinks Religious freedom can be restored – “Trump would blunt the left’s assault on religious institutions.”

In its most recent “Two Minutes Hate” on President Trump, The Nation magazine’s hyperbolic headline warned, “Leaked Draft of Trump’s Religious Freedom Order Reveals Sweeping Plans to Legalize Discrimination.” Claiming that if signed, the president’s order “would create wholesale exemptions for people and organizations who claim religious objections to same sex marriage, premarital sex, abortion and trans identity, The Nation predicts that the order would “exceed the authority of executive branch,” and “risk violating the Establishment Clause of the first Amendment to the Constitution.”

Rather than “legalizing discrimination,” the Trump religious freedom order will finally end the current discrimination against religious organizations.
We are already at a place where the establishment clause has shifted from a legitimate desire to keep the government from entangling itself in the internal affairs of religious organizations to a justification of anti-religious secularism — pushing religion (and people of faith) out of the public square.

Another self deception issue is described by Kelly Riddell. Democrats continue to push gun-control lie – “Democrats are living a delusional lie.”

Looking to gin up gun-control activists, Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee tried to use a Tuesday hearing on Social Security to lament a noncontroversial vote last week to do away with an Obama-era rule designed to get certain beneficiaries’ information into the national gun-purchase background check system.

Their complaints were all fear-mongering and separated from reality — undoubtedly designed to catch the ear of a sympathetic, and naive media looking to advance its gun-control narrative.
But never mind the details when it comes to the polarizing topic of Secon Amendment rights. Expect Democrats and the left-wing media to continue to propagate their misleading narrative to whip up outrage at Republicans.

Stephen Dinan notes that campaign rhetoric is now being elevated to policy pronouncement level by the courts. Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ promise is ‘evidence’ against executive order – “ Judge Richard R. Clifton wasn’t satisfied with that dodge, saying that if Mr. Trump and his advisers did in fact say they were trying to impose a Muslim ban, that could inform the way the court looks at the order Mr. Trump signed on Jan. 27.” There is something about ‘depths of depravity’ that belongs with this and it isn’t concerning the President.

Luboš Motl posting Klaus: Western cafés have launched their attack against Trump picks up on an interview with the Czech ex-president for the Parliamentary Letters (full video), via Klaus.cz, Part I – “Trump and the whole West is experiencing the same events that the Czech Republic has been exposed to already since November 1989, namely the criticisms by the intellectuals from coffee bars and demonstrations against the free elections.” There’s more. A lot more.

Helen Schwiesow Parker: The Secret, Silent Wind-Power Peril (Part II: Nina Pierpont and ‘Wind Turbine Syndrome’) – “How have we been brought to such an extraordinary betrayal of basic human rights and social justice – a Kafkaesque world where corporate, local and state government personnel ignore and elude victims’ pleas? It is a tale of money and power shunting aside integrity and compassion, of well-intentioned individuals who don’t do their homework, of a new industrial health crisis shunned by news media who are supposed to educate, inform and protect.”

Sundance describes one instance of what the Left is leaving behind. Environmentalists Vacated From Standing Rock Protest Site Leave Tons of Toxic Waste… –

It has been consistently evident that left-wing environmentalists and their professionally unemployed protesters are the most hypocritical bunch of moonbats around the drum circle of social and economic stupidity.

What is interesting is another report that care is being taken with the garbage because of concern in might contain bodies …

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