Strategy, Tactics, and Policies

It took four hours to fire a politically partisan acting AG who put ideology over the law. It’s taken a bit longer for most of the ‘violates constitution’ and other fake news to peter out to crocodile tears and nitpicking about process. Occasionally, something appears that gets out of the swamp and the ingrained presumptions about an evil or incompetent President. For example, consider what Trump said to front line personnel when he ‘just assumed’ they’d get the job done. Demonstrating confidence in people to be competent and do their jobs has an impact. There’s strategy and leadership to be seen elsewhere, too.

Joel B. Pollak talks strategy in What Trump Has Achieved Through the (Not) #MuslimBan – With the Left triggering their coordinated protests and judicial action and the Establishment pondering what was done, Pollak gets in the why – strategy of the action.

few seem to have noticed that Trump has made several strategic gains.

Those gains are secure even though the courts have issued a temporary stay on the executive order; even though the left is using protests to fundraise and mobilize political support; and even if the order is eventually revised to be more lenient.
The first and most important thing that Trump has done is put the world on notice that the United States is now serious about preventing terrorism from reaching our shores.
The second achievement is that even though President Trump’s executive order is not a “Muslim ban” — indeed, it does not even cover 87 percent of the world’s Muslims — it turns out to be useful for people to think that it is.
The third achievement is that Trump has restored the credibility of American power.
Whatever the other merits or flaws of the “Muslim ban,” we are clawing our way back to geostrategic advantage. The left does not understand that. For once, their mendacious dishonesty is useful.

Cameron Reddy takes another look at Trump Strategy in Saul Alinsky in the White House…Still? – “So now could the shoe be on the other foot?”

Which side is in the right on these issues of Trump’s “lies” may be of some importance, but something much more fascinating – groundbreaking – is taking place: President Trump is using the left’s playbook to stunning effect. I am not alone in seeing the connection between Alinsky’s Rules and Trump’s approach. In Real Clear Politics, Richard Porter notes that “the folks that seem to have best learned from Alinsky’s instructions … are Steve Bannon and others on the Trump team.”

Again and again we see leftists flailing helplessly, shouting their own coarse vulgarities. (Recall the sign reading “f— you, you f—— f—” poetically marched down Washington’s streets during the women’s march.). Just as Alinsky foretold, behavior such as this deeply undermines claims to sanity and legitimacy and simultaneously forces its believers to consume precious time and energy defending their way of life.

Perhaps inadvertently, Politico Magazine portrayed the left’s confusion and anxiety when it published these words: “It’s hard to know when Trump is just being Trump and when he’s fundamentally transforming the American experiment.”

Whether or not the president knows it, he is giving Alinsky a run for his money

James Delingpole: Trump’s Climate Plans Just Made the Media’s Heads Explode – “The occasion was a press conference hosted by the Global Warming Policy Foundation for Myron Ebell, head of the Trump administration’s Environmental Protection Agency transition team. Satan’s Emissary, as liberals prefer to think of him.”

They couldn’t believe what they were hearing. They curled their lips. They laced their questions with the bitterest scorn. But they didn’t really tune into Ebell’s measured, silken, soft-spoken answers because, hell, they knew what he was saying just had to be wrong and they didn’t really understand what he meant anyway.
Perhaps the main reason for going, though, was to witness at first hand one of the main reasons why the Great Global Warming Scamsters have got away with so much for so long: the abject failure of the media to do its job and interrogate the alarmist narrative.

Valerie Richardson says North Dakota wants hired pipeline protesters to pay state income taxes – “After spending more than $22 million on the Dakota Access pipeline protest, North Dakota wants to make sure any paid activists remember to submit their state income taxes.”

Next up is the Senate. There is the Democrat stance to filibuster any court nominee no matter circumstances, qualifications, or any other consideration. This is a part of the package of slow walking nominees and otherwise obstructing effective governance in any way possible. The 2018 elections are giving some Democratic Party Senators pause on this approach. They have been leaving a scorched earth in the previous administrations efforts and can now get a glimmer of what they have wrought. It should give pause. It will be interesting to see what the current administration does and whether the Establishment can figure out what is important to examine and what is irrelevant.

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