1/25/2017 flooding the zone, overwhelming the senses

Fallout from the riots continues as people notice the vulgar and destructive and uncivil behavior.

Tammy Bruce: This divided nation – “The Woman’s March deepened the chasm between liberals and the rest of the country.”

With the media coverage surrounding the so-called women’s marches on Saturday you’d think we were watching some sort of organic, spontaneous uprising, much like, oh, the tea party. But it wasn’t. There has been excellent commentary in the days that followed exposing the fact that the march wasn’t about women at all; it was about leftist politics. And group therapy.
But this is what the left has always done — co-opt a genuine issue of concern within society and then use it, like parasites, to further the failed and deadly policies of the left. While America got sucker-punched for the past eight years, we will recover. The Democratic Party, not so much.
Democratic leadership, the political bureaucracy and legacy media want Americans to believe there’s a Grand Canyon-sized division in this country. And they’re right — it’s between themselves and the American people.

There’s a lot brewing. “Last week, Reps. Kevin Yoder, Kansas Republican, and Jared Polis, Colorado Democrat, reintroduced the Email Privacy Act, a bill that will protect Americans’ privacy rights from bureaucratic overreach by updating the grossly outdated 1986 Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA)” [Williams]. – “Forty years ago, Congress enacted the Hyde Amendment — a law that continues to this day to proscribe federal Medicaid funds from being used to subsidize abortion in most circumstances” and now HR7 would “Make the Hyde Amendment and other current abortion funding prohibitions permanent and government-wide” [Smith]. – “Under the CRA, unless Congress disapproves of a rule, the regulation becomes law by default. The REINS Act would reverse this, canceling any major regulation Congress does not explicitly approve” [Burnett].

On the Trump front, today was announced as immigration and security day for the President’s Pen. The National Park Service is learning that it has a new boss and that tweeting irrelevancies related to the climate change religion is now inappropriate [Wolfgang]. The a priori propaganda machine assumption that the new administration lies like no other has the usual ‘Splinter and Beam’ problem while, on the beam side of things, “What’s most encouraging about the episode, though, is that Team Trump is not rolling over” [Martin]. The DOW has topped 20,000 for the first time.

Democrats used a Senate committee looking at national security to put up their favorite picture an Jim Hoft reports that CNN Quietly Releases Updated Pic Showing Trump’s Inaugural Crowd Size Greater than Obama’s 2009 Inaugural Crowd – this is the source of the current “Trump Lies” meme.

The media remained silent on the crowd size numbers when it was clear that Trump was crushing Hillary in this area. But late last week the media finally reported that crowd size does matter. CNN (Fake News) reported that President Trump’s crowd size was much smaller than President Obama’s crowd size in 2009, and CNN provided two pictures to show the difference.

However, the pictures in the article show the crowd size for Obama when he was speaking during his 2009 inauguration with the crowd from Trump’s inauguration approximately 3 hours before Trump spoke.

In part, this crowd size thing was pushed because of the discrepancies noted between Trump and Clinton campaign rallies, especially in light of polling and media rhetoric. It’s use by Democrats illustrates an attempt at rationalization, much like the popular vote mantra, and denial. Its appearance in committee illustrates that partisan politics has a higher priority for Democrats than does national security.

Howard Kurtz has more on this: Split-screen presidency: Media favor controversies over Trump’s fast start –

In just two days, President Trump has met with corporate honchos, union chiefs and auto executives, courted congressional leaders, frozen federal hiring, killed the Pacific trade deal and moved ahead on two major pipelines.

So are the media filled with headlines about how he’s off to a fast start?

Not exactly.

A front-page New York Times headline says “Meeting with Top Lawmakers, Trump Repeats an Election Lie.”

This is the split-screen reality of the new administration. In television terms, the main image on the screen is the 45th president’s actions, and in a small box on the bottom right is the distraction du jour—Trump declaring war on the media, tweeting something provocative or making an unsubstantiated claim.

Thomas Lifson picks up on this by asking Why are so many media people puzzled that Trump keeps bringing up illegal votes? – “The MSM outlets are nearly unanimous that President Trump is “lying” and presenting “deliberate falsehoods” to the American public about illegal votes tipping the majority to Hillary Clinton in the election. The mantra is that there is “no evidence,” so Trump is “losing his credibility” and will no longer be believed.”

All of these warnings about lies coming from a president come at the hands of media outlets that rarely if ever used the word “lie” with regard to President Obama’s many prevarications on serious issues, such as the video causing the Benghazi attack and the Obamacare promise of keeping your plan and your doctor. These were politically consequential lies that I do not recall CNN warning about, as this morning’s newscast warned Trump about losing his credibility.
If Trump’s media enemies like CNN once again ignore the March for Life, they will discredit themselves. It is very clear to me that President Trump intends to destroy the credibility of his media enemies.
That is the context in which his multiple remarks concerning illegal votes has to be understood. I think President Trump knew that if he made remarks about illegal voting, the media would spring to action and present the opposite position and would characterize his thinking as a lie. The problem with this is that a lack of evidence is not proof for the contrary position. … The very act of asking for voter ID is considered discriminatory by many, including some in the courts.
John Fund has written and co-authored two well documented books on the extent of vote fraud. The MSM are now demanding proof for Trump’s assertions, opening the door for the Trump administration to conduct a detailed investigation of vote fraud, which has to have been a strategy all along. When the investigation will be attacked as an effort at “vote suppression,” the Trump administration will have media demands for data to point at.

In other words, the media is being played. Their own proclivities are being used to lead them into efforts that contradict their desired message. This will create dissonance and it already has. That is going to stimulate behaviors that further undermine their propaganda efforts.

The Guardian is reporting that a half dozen journalists got caught up in the rioting and charged with felonies. “Based on the facts and circumstances, we determined that probable cause existed to support the filing of felony rioting charges,” William Miller, a spokesman for the office, said in a statement. “As in all of our cases, we are always willing to consider additional information that people bring forward.”

The IBD editorial asks Can Trump Win His Battle With The Unionized, Bureaucratic ‘Deep State’? – they are worried about public sector unions.

What is surprising is that no recent president has taken a serious whack at our out-of-control bureaucracy, which has become a fundamentally undemocratic part of our government, unresponsive to the people, arbitrary, overpaid and hyperpoliticized. It is a giant impediment to change and reform.
Trump’s battle with what some call the “deep state” promises to be epic. But in the end, the only way to make government work as intended is to abolish public employee unions entirely. Government workers shouldn’t answer to union leaders, but to the American people, their employers.

The show continues ….

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