Resistance vs Honorable Opposition – choosing between sounding good or being effective

It just doesn’t quit.

Ed Morrissey: The narcissistic petulance of “the resistance”

Those weren’t protests — those were attempted revolutionary acts, which fits right into the hyperbolic and irresponsible language adopted by the very same people who lectured us on accepting the results of elections just three months earlier.
In a self-governing republic with established democratic processes, there is no honorable role for “resistance.” What are they “resisting,” especially before the new administration even takes office? Free and fair elections — the kind that this particular group hadn’t lost in twelve years. They only believe in elections when it gives them access to power.

Rather than take on the honorable and difficult task of the opposition party and rebuild themselves for future success, some on the Left have decided that they’re victims of oppression. To excuse that and their actions that have followed, they now wrap themselves in the mantle of the free French in World War II, or perhaps more relevantly, those few and brave dissidents in actual dictatorial regimes like Cuba. That’s not only ridiculous, it’s an insult to those who have had to fight true oppression and who had self-governance stripped from their hands, to the extent they had it at all.
The “resistance” styles itself as anti-fascist, but they are the fascists. They don’t like the outcome of the election, and now they want to seize power by force and intimidation. And everyone who contributes to this hysteria and uses the hyperbolic language of revolution is adding to the environment in which these groups take action.

The American people spoke in this election, not just in the presidential race but at every level of governance, and they rejected Democrats and the Left. It happens; Republicans had the same experience in 2006 and 2008, and spent their time fitfully repositioning themselves to appeal to voters, at least in relation to Democrats. You’re not a “resistance,” you’re an opposition, and your arrogance and self-regard are at least part of the reason your side lost in November. Grow up, get real, and perhaps rethink the decisions to cling to the calcified leadership that led you into your political dead end.

Jazz Shaw says The White House web site for law enforcement has… changed

One of the first items which sent liberals to the fainting couches was the disappearance of the climate change page under the issues section. (The old URL is now just a broken link.) This was viewed in some quarters as a sign of the End Times approaching. The page’s apparent replacement with the America First Energy Plan only poured salt in the wound.
But that wasn’t the page which first caught my attention. Also in the White House issues section was a bold proclamation having to do with the nation’s law enforcement officers and it has nothing to do with finding more efficient ways to lock up cops. The title reads, Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community and it’s a doozy.

Carr: President’s ‘dark’ speech a ray of light for millions –

The inaugural speech was “dark” — that’s the storyline among the Democrats and their allies in the Fake News industry. It was “radical,” “Hitlerian,” or maybe Mussolini-ian — or both, according to Comrade Chris Matthews.

But mostly it was dark. What else could it have been? If it was all sweetness and light in America, how far would Donald J. Trump have gotten in his campaign?
How out of touch can anyone be to be offended by a president who says: “It is the right of all nations to put their own interests first.”

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